We put a lot of emphasis on providing our shoppers with very competitive prices on school supplies, art supplies, and novelty merchandise. But every once in a while, another school supply company carries something we sell and they sell it for less. Let's fix that.

The GEDDES Lowest Price Guarantee is our price matching program. It means when you buy from us, you are guaranteed a one-stop shop for everything you need to fill your school supply store or teacher classrooms at the lowest prices you can find. Not only are you getting the lowest price you can find, but we back THAT up with our Satisfaction Guarantee so school supply shoppers like yourself can buy with confidence from a single trusted source for student supplies.

  • No more pit stops at different stores or websites to pick up items that have a slightly lower price.
  • No more managing multiple invoices, order confirmations, and purchase order numbers.
  • No more tracking of multiple shipments (or paying multiple shipping charges).

Plus, with our Get MORE Club customer rewards program program, the more you shop with us the more you can save. So check GEDDES first (and last) to get the most fun and affordable products fit for your students and teacher classrooms!

How Does this Lowest Price Guarantee Work?

Let's say you're comparison shopping for your school supplies. There's an item at GEDDES that you want, but you see the identical item available for purchase in another school supply catalog or another website. It's slightly less expensive, but there are a bunch of other items you would like to get from Geddes. You don't want to order and track 2 or 3 orders, some which might only have a couple of items.

Here's what you can do. Fax a copy of the printed page to 1 (800) 533-3359 or email us the website link where the item is advertised. We'll review it and verify the items are identical. If it's a match, GEDDES will match the lowest price and credit your invoice the appropriate amount.

Program Details

  • Products discounted via promotion or sale are not eligible for price matching.
  • Display quantites may differ from store to store. The matching price will be determined by the 'Each Price' of the item rather than the total selling price of the entire display or unit.
  • Your fax or email must be sent within 24 hours of placing your order to have your account credited.