Safe School Supplies at Geddes

Providing the safest school supplies should be everyone's concern. At GEDDES, we are committed to thoroughly testing and documenting our products to meet or exceed the latest U.S. government safety regulations. We test our products, maintaining safety and ingredient information available upon request.

Should you require information about a specific product, or have any questions regarding the general safety procedures and tests, please direct communications to

Safety Info about GEDDES Wood Pencils

Raymond Geddes wood pencils use only non-rainforest Linden trees for the pencil rod. Linden trees are very common, fast-growing trees found throughout Asia, Europe and North America. It is also known as American Basswood or Whitewood (for its creamy white color).

Ferrules use a magnesium/aluminum alloy. Pencil leads do not use lead. "Leads" are made from a mixture of graphite and clay. Both materials are non-toxic.

All wrapped pencils are coated with a thin, heat-transferred plastic coating intended to extend the pencil finish and durability. This is also non-toxic.

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Safety Info about GEDDES Pens (Ink and Gel Pens)

All Raymond Geddes ballpoint pens (including gel ink pens, rollerball pens, and novelty pens ) use non-toxic ink. Regardless, any inks inside pens should not be consumed.

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Safety Info about GEDDES Art Supplies

Raymond Geddes art supplies are tested safe for all ages using the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard for craft materials. Depending upon the product, the ASTM seal is present on the item or it's packaging, indicating the item conforms to ASTM test D-4236.

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Safety Info about GEDDES Key Chains and Toys

Raymond Geddes products are evaluated for potential choking hazards, particularly key chains and toys. All key chains have parts (the chain) that can come off and pose a possible choking hazard. Displays are labeled with hazard information.

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Product Safety Certificates

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