Fun End of the School Year Activities for Elementary School Students

As the school year comes to an end, restless feet and minds make teaching new materials difficult. The last thing students want to do after end-of-year testing is to study more, so give them the exciting finale that they deserve for all their hard work throughout the year with these fun activity ideas. With a little planning and some materials you may already have on hand, you can close out the year with a bang!

Class Party

Everyone loves a class party, and the end of the school year is one of the best times to throw one! Come up with a theme, let the students help make and hang up decorations, put together some tasty treats, fill up some favor bags, and let the good times roll! You can combine the class party with some of the other ideas below to ramp up the fun even more!

Awards Show

Students love to be recognized for their hard work and achievements, so put together a class awards show to show them how proud you are of everything they’ve done over the year. Come up with fun award categories, print out some customized certificates (there are lots of free templates online), and invite parents to see their little ones shine!

Talent Show

Nothing gets the kids hyped up quite like a talent show! You can do a talent show just for your class, or collaborate with other teachers and make it a school-wide event. Announce the upcoming show about a month or so ahead of time, and watch the creativity start to flow as students line up to show off their unique talents.

Board Games

This is an easy one to do if you already have various board games on hand. Set up stations with a different game at each, then set a timer so that the students know when it’s time to stop one game and move onto the next.

Movie Day

If you have an entire day to burn with your class, why not ask them to vote for their favorite (age appropriate) movies? Bring in the most voted for selections for a full day of popcorn, treats, and cinematic fun!

Memories Board

Want an activity that’s fun for students and also gives you a memento to remember them? Then the memories board activity is perfect for you! Bring in a large posterboard and lots of art supplies, then let the kids go wild decorating the board with words and pictures of their favorite class memories. Once they’re finished, you can use the memories board as a decoration for the next school year to get your new students excited about all the fun to come!

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