elementary students having fun in bright colored classroom

A love of learning comes naturally for some students. They are eager to get up and go to school each day, because it is a true joy for them. But for some students, this is not the case and learning might not be quite so fun – for any number of reasons. Perhaps they are facing learning disabilities, health issues or challenges at home.

And considering that the curriculum often dictates what must be taught, whether students consider the material fun or not, what can teachers do to meet their students where they are and make learning fun for all? The good news is that there are many easy and approachable ways to achieve this goal in your classroom. Let’s explore a few sure-fire ways to make learning fun for all your students.

3 Ways to Make Learning Fun

Although the options for how to approach learning are as diverse and varied as your students, it doesn’t have to be costly or complicated – and sometimes, the simpler the better. Here are just a few recommendations for ways to make learning fun, for any age or any grade:

1. Hands-On Learning
There’s a reason why most children’s museums are geared toward hands-on, interactive exhibits. When learning feels like playtime, kids are far more engaged and the information can be easier to understand and retain. Immersive experiences like science experiments, building, art projects, cooking and designing can bring the content to life for students and make learning so much fun along the way.

2. It’s All Fun and Games…
You may have heard the term, “game-based learning,” which is the popular method of teaching material by “gamifying” it for students. Similar to the concept of hands-on learning, if students feel like learning is so much fun it’s like they’re just playing a game, they tend to be more motivated. For example, using online quiz-based tools can really get them invested in the material and even tap into their competitive side by battling it out to earn top rank among the class. Plus, it’s lots of fun for all with a healthy bonus of cheers and laughter!

3. Treasure Hunt
Treasure comes in all shapes and sizes, and it can certainly be tough to resist. To help build in some fun, an adventurous treasure hunt may be just the trick to get kids excited about learning a new subject or reinforcing a topic. Teachers can weave these learning opportunities into a fun treasure hunt with students learning along the way and receiving small prizes or tokens from a treasure chest as a reward. Although knowledge is the true treasure, a little incentive never hurts!

Discover Fun Ideas for Learning

The ideas here are just a springboard to get you started, and once your creative wheels are turning, you are sure to come up with some excellent ways to make learning fun that are perfectly tailored to fit your students and your classroom. Browse GEDDES and discover resources, supplies and inspiration to help make learning even more fun. Contact us today or request a school supply catalog and learn more about all the options from Raymond Geddes.