group of young students cheering

As the school year comes to an end, teachers often try to come up with fun and unique ideas to reward their students for a year’s worth of hard work. While passing out achievement certificates is a popular choice, we believe there are better options out there. Rewards that give students something tangible and useful are best, so here’s four awesome end-of-year rewards ideas to keep your students excited right on through to the last day!

1. Class Party

Everyone loves a party! Pick a theme, hit the Dollar Tree for some inexpensive party decor and snacks, and be sure to stock up on the party favors from GEDDES! Play little games during the party and reward students with fun and trendy pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, art supplies, novelty toys, and more! Because the only thing better than a party with cake is a party with cake and fun prizes!!

2. Treasure Chest Grab

If you don’t have time for a full class party but still want to get some fun and useful prizes in your students’ hands, try out the Treasure Chest Grab. Simply fill up a “treasure chest” (any decorated box will do) with lots of goodies, like fidget toys, balls, putty, slime, school supplies, etc. Let students earn tickets for the game in the weeks leading up to the end of school by getting good grades, turning in assignments, showing kindness to others, helping out with classroom cleaning, following rules, etc.When it’s game time, the student who earned the most tickets get to go first, the student with the second-most tickets goes second, and so on. When it’s their turn, the student gets to reach inside the covered treasure chest and grab whatever they can hold in one hand. Students love to win something mysterious and unexpected, plus you’ll be rewarding students for positive actions and behaviors, encouraging them to continue these through the summer and into the following school year.

3. Class Raffle

Another fun game idea that rewards students for good behavior is a class raffle. Just like the Treasure Chest Grab, let students earn raffle tickets in the weeks leading up to the end of school. Once it’s raffle time, set out a variety of fun prizes and let students place their raffle tickets on the prizes they want to win. Designate one student as the official raffle drawer, then let them pull one winning ticket for each prize. Once again, students who demonstrate the best actions and behaviors will have a better chance at getting the items they want, hopefully motivating other students to follow suit. You’ll be able to feel the excitement in the air from the anticipation leading up to the event!

4. Class Novelty Photos

Another quirky idea for end-of-year rewards is class novelty photos. Grab some fun photo props (think crazy hats, large feather boas, eccentric glasses, costumes, etc.) and an absurdly large cardboard photo frame, then get your digital camera ready for all the crazy, weird, and hilarious poses the kids make. Post the photos online for the students and their parents to view and download for a class memory that will last a lifetime.

Stock Your End-of-Year Activities with Fun Items from GEDDES

No matter what you decide to do to reward your students at the end of the school year, GEDDES has the toys, school supplies, art supplies, and more to get the excitement flowing. Check out our collection of fun and trendy items in our digital catalog or shop our online store. For questions, give us a call at 888-431-1722 or email us at today!