games and rewards at a classroom table

Great teachers are always looking for ways to enhance their students’ academic experience, and a well thought out rewards system can do just that. Giving rewards to deserving students is a great way to incentivize all students to do their very best, from turning in their homework every day to finishing that mid-term project to behaving appropriately during instruction time. In this post, we’ll go over four of the top benefits we’ve observed by teachers rewarding their students for a job well done.

1. Increases Student Motivation

While adults can easily see that the purpose of school is to get a good education, which will benefit a student for the rest of their life, it’s not so easy for children to recognize these benefits. Sometimes students need a little extra push to get them to really put in their very best effort. Student rewards are one of the most effective ways to motivate students to try harder, study longer, and give it 100% every time. Not only does a reward motivate the student receiving it to continue the behavior or action that got them their prize, but other students will want a piece of the action as well. Don’t be surprised if you notice all of your students working harder when fun rewards are up for grabs!

2. Improves Student Behavior

While academic performance is important, one of the other major lessons learned in school is appropriate behavior and social interaction. This can be things like showing kindness towards others, not interrupting or talking out of turn, or using appropriate voice volume. Reward students for these positive behaviors to not only encourage them to continue, but to also encourage the other students to take part.

3. Boosts Student Self-Esteem

When a particular lesson topic or activity is difficult for students, they can easily get frustrated and shut down, bringing any potential learning to a screeching halt. In these situations, a little self-esteem boost might be all the student needs to get back on the right track. Keep a stash of interesting rewards on hand to give students a little pat on the back when they’re feeling like giving up.

4. Builds Positive Teacher-Student Relationship

A positive teacher-student relationship is often the foundation on which all the student’s progress and learning for the entire year is built. This relationship can make or break the student’s school experience, lifting them up to new heights and achievements or dragging them down into insecurity and fear. A rewards system that recognizes not just good grades, but also best efforts and graceful fails, is a great way to foster a teacher-student relationship that will allow the student to bloom into their full potential.

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