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It’s understandable that kids can get a little squirmy in the classroom sometimes. The days can feel long and it’s often hard to sit still and pay attention. As a teacher, that can pose a challenge with presenting lessons and getting through material though.

Options like movement breaks and going outside to release some energy are excellent ways to redirect their focus. But what can teachers do if getting up and moving around or going outside simply isn’t an option? That’s where fidget toys come in as a resourceful tool to help kids focus in the classroom.

4 Best Fidget Toys to Help Kids Focus in the Classroom

What used to be viewed as a distraction, fidget and sensory toys are now understood to be a great resource for helping any child who is having trouble keeping their focus. Whether the student has ADHD, anxiety, autism or is just struggling to stay engaged that day, fidget toys offer a way to channel nervous energy, release stress, provide a calming effect and help keep kids on track. Here are some of the best fidget toys to help kids focus in the classroom:

1. Water Toys
Water is well known as a soothing, calming force for many people of all ages. Think of the relaxed sense you often achieve when lounging by the beach or spending a quiet day on the lake. Harness this power for your students with toys such as a water game that requires concentration and provides a healthy outlet for energy, or this water ball that is a cute and fun fidget. 

2. Squishies
Squish them and squeeze them, pull them and push them, and then watch them puff back to their original shapes! Squish toys come in many shapes, sizes, characters and themes. Whether your students are into farm animals, pets, sweet treats, snacks, dinosaurs or sea creatures, there are squishies for everyone. These small, hand-held fidgets are a perfect choice as they keep kids’ hands busy without noises or disruption to the class.

3. Foam and Putty
A similar vibe to squishies, foam and putty are additional winning choices for fidget toys for students, as they are also silent, tactile, sensory experiences. Kids enjoy rolling, stretching and shaping them as another calming option to help them focus in the classroom. There are dozens of varieties available, from scented to colorful and glittery to glow-in-the-dark.

4. Poppers
Poppers are a “popular” choice for all – they are fun and sometimes funny, and provide an immediate sense of satisfaction (remember how satisfying it was to pop bubble wrap when you were a kid?). They come in different shapes, like cubes, balls or even in the shape of animals or characters, and different sizes, like erasers, pencil toppers, keychains and backpack buddies.


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Though there are truly endless options when it comes to fidget toys, these are a few of the kinds that consistently rank among the most frequently sought after. Consider this as a thought-starter for you to select the best fidget toys to help kids focus in your classroom. Discover even more fidget and sensory toys, as well as prizes, novelty items and an endless array of school supplies at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are also available to request.