Group of middle school students cheering as they leave school

It’s getting close to the end of the year, and all those pre-teen middle schoolers are starting to get restless as they anxiously await the start of summer. Teachers are always looking for interesting ways to keep middle school students engaged until the last day, so why not plan a fun activity to pump up the excitement and banish the end-of-year boredom. Here’s a few of our favorite activities for middle schoolers to celebrate the end of another successful school year.

Class Party

A class party is a classic that everyone is sure to enjoy. Have students help with the decorations, grab some tasty snacks and drinks, and stock up on fun party prizes from GEDDES. Play mini games where students get to win cool stuff like cute character erasers, fidget toys, putty & slime, and more!

Class Olympics

Another fun way to get the students up and active at the end of the school year is to host Class Olympics. Choose a few easy athletic activities for students to compete in, assign judges for each event, and don’t forget the prizes for the winners. You can even take it a step further and make it a schoolwide event!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are another way to get students out of their seats with some fun puzzle solving. Tailor the hunt to the academic level and ages of the students, use the hints to go back over concepts and topics learned throughout the year, and let them win fun prizes at each step of the hunt. A grand prize for the student or team that finishes first is a great motivator!

Novelty Photos

Middle schoolers love to take photos, so turn their interest in selfies into a fun year-end activity. Grab some quirky photo props, get the kids to design and decorate an oversized photo frame, and break out the digital camera for some hilarious vogue moments. Be sure to post the photos you take online so the students and their parents can view and download them.

Science Fair

Another fun way to reinforce lessons learned throughout the year is with a class science fair. Give the fair a theme and let the students’ imaginations run wild as they design, test, and present various experiments related to topics and concepts they’ve learned. Ask some of the other teachers and staff to judge the presentations, then reward the winners with awesome novelty toys, art supplies, locker accessories, and more!

Make End of Year Activities Fun with GEDDES

Teachers and students both are primed with anticipation for the last day of school, but being so close to the end of school doesn’t mean class time shouldn’t still be fun! Plan one or more exciting end-of-year activities for your middle school students using the ideas above, and don’t forget the prizes from GEDDES. From trendy school supplies to jam-packed treasure boxes, GEDDES has all the prizes to make your year-end activities for middle schoolers the envy of the entire school! Check out our digital catalogs, shop our online store, or contact us at 888-431-1722 with questions.