Where Can I Buy Pencils In Bulk?

Maybe you’re looking to supply an entire classroom with pencils, or maybe you need to get tons of pencils to go into goodie bags for a party, or maybe you’re handing out pencils as prizes for the neighborhood Trunk-or-Treat event. Whatever the reason or the occasion, buying supplies – including pencils – in bulk can be a lifesaver for convenience and budget.


Finding large quantities of pencils doesn’t have to be a challenge though, thanks to several key options when it comes time to shop. Many stores and online sites offer packages of pencils by the dozen, and some even come in bulk orders exceeding 100 items or more. Selections may even be available beyond the standard number 2 pencil, such as mechanical pencils, colorful pencils with playful toppers or pencils themed with a favorite character.


Shopping for Pencils in Bulk

Take note of these ideas when you’re ready to stock up on pencils:

  • Office supply stores - Because they cater to businesses, office supply stores can be a great choice when shopping for pencils in bulk. Though there may not be a huge variety when it comes to creative or trendy styles, these stores are a reliable source for large quantities of regular and mechanical pencils.

    Some stores even offer customizable options if you’d like your pencils to be personalized with a message, organization name or brand. Keep in mind this option is likely to take a little bit of extra time to fulfill the order and there may be minimum order quantities required.

  • Warehouse stores - Think “economies of scale” with this option. What you may lack in selection, you will likely make up for in cost savings. Warehouse stores are known for budget-friendly bulk shopping, and surprisingly, this can even include items like pencils.

    Many warehouse stores now offer some of their merchandise for order online, and items that can be considered business supplies, such as pencils, pens and notepads, are often available both online and in-store. Deals on bulk packages of pencils are likely to be especially plentiful around the back-to-school shopping season, making this choice even more affordable.

  • Online - The options are limitless when you begin to search online for pencils in bulk. Holiday, character, scented, novelty-shaped, pre-sharpened…you name it, it can be found online. This can work to your favor as you compare prices and what type of pencil you’d ultimately like to buy.

    Orders placed online can often be delivered within a few days, so this can be a helpful way to save a trip to the store; although, if time is of the essence, this may not be the fastest way to get the pencils in hand.


Find Fun and Affordable Pencils in Bulk

Whether you’ve decided on a fuzzy topper pencil, something with an inspiring message inscribed or the classic yellow number 2 pencil, GEDDES has the “write” answer. Check out our fun array of pencils that can be bought both in bulk and in smaller quantities. Contact us today or request a catalog and learn more about creative and affordable options from the experts at Raymond Geddes.