Where Is The Best Place To Buy School Supplies?

For kids, getting new school supplies is one of the best parts of the year ahead. It’s a fun way to get prepared for school as it signifies a fresh start for all, and it can provide an opportunity to express their interests and likes through finding just the right folders, notebooks, pencils, erasers and more that feature a favorite character, color or theme.

On the other hand, for parents, caregivers and teachers, shopping for new school supplies can present a multitude of challenges including pricing, availability and convenience. Fortunately, with a bit of pre-planning, stocking up on supplies doesn’t have to be stressful.

Score High Marks on Snagging School Supplies

Whether it’s right before school starts in the fall, during post-holiday sales or when supplies first hit the shelves in the summer, there are many great options for where to shop for school supplies:

  • Office supply stores
    These types of stores may first bring to mind supplies like copy paper, printer ink and office furniture, but they can also be an excellent source for school supplies for kids. When other stores are already sold out of this year’s list of supplies, these stores usually remain well-stocked and competitively priced.

    An added bonus is their great selection for students ranging from kindergarten through college whether you’re in the market for crayons and markers or scientific calculators and graphing paper.

  • Big-box retailers
    Here you can find tons of trendy merchandise mixed in with the basic necessities. These big-box retailers often cater toward the latest twist on school supplies that’s all the rage on social media, such as llama pencil pouches, gel pens, scented markers, folders and notebooks in rad patterns and more.

    Shop for on-trend backpacks and lunch bags at these stores as well, along with the latest viral water tumbler, sneakers and back-to-school clothes too.

  • Warehouse club stores
    Not everything makes sense to buy in bulk, but when it comes to school supplies, warehouse club stores can be an excellent place to stock up on the essentials. The selection will likely be a bit more limited at these stores, though basics like permanent markers, mechanical pencils, legal pads and sticky notes can be snagged for an outstanding price. This option is especially helpful if you’re shopping for more than one student.

  • Grocery store
    Surprisingly, your local grocery store might be a great place to tackle your school supply list while you’re there crossing off the items on your grocery list too. Many stores run promotions like buy-one-get-one-free sales on pens, pencils, glue sticks and other basics in an effort to capture some of the back-to-school budget from local shoppers. It definitely scores high on the convenience factor, so you may want to consider watching the sales ads and see where you might find some unexpected good deals.

  • Online
    Shopping online can often be the easiest route to take when it’s time to clear your list, and it also allows for price shopping to see which stores have the best deals on the items you need. Having the items delivered straight to your door is an added convenience that many shoppers find to be priceless, too, on top of the time and gas that might be spent otherwise. Additionally, availability of the items can be a concern at local stores so shopping online can help if the item you’re searching for is out of stock in person.

Shop Online for School Supplies Now

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