What School Supplies Do I Need For 7th Grade?

It can be hard to know what supplies are best for junior high or middle school-aged students. While they no longer need the crayons and markers from the elementary school years, kids in 7th grade still have a number of necessary items to help them be prepared to do their best work.

Required (and requested) supplies can vary greatly between districts, and even from one teacher to another, so it’s best to check with the school or the teacher directly, if possible, to make sure you get the right items.


7th Grade School Supply List

School supply lists are sometimes handed out at the end of each school year so families have a chance to spread out the shopping over the summer months and take advantage of sales. Other times, schools may not publish the lists until right before the start of the school year.

Depending on your school’s approach to posting the lists, this can create a time crunch and potential availability challenges with getting everything needed before the big first day. To play it safe, here is a list of general supplies that are commonly requested for 7th grade:

  • Pencils
    This may include standard number 2 pencils, mechanical pencils and even colored pencils, depending on the types of classes your student is enrolled in, such as art, geography or science.

  • Pens
    Black ink pens are the norm, but it can be helpful to have an assortment of blue and red ink pens as well so kids can be prepared for their assignment and in-class expectations, like editing in an English class or trading papers to grade a partner’s work.

  • Folders, notebooks, binders and filler paper
    Teachers sometimes prefer that students keep a separate binder for each individual subject, to be filled with loose-leaf lined paper, while other teachers may be fine with a single folder for the subject that can be added to one binder containing folders for all the classes combined. It may also be a good idea to stay organized by having a separate notebook dedicated to each subject.

  • Erasers, pencil sharpener, pencil case, highlighters and a ruler
    Additional accessory items such as these will come in handy for most classes, and can often be stored in a pencil case or pouch to keep everything neat and easily accessible.

  • Tissues, hand wipes and hand sanitizer
    Teachers may have some of these supplies available for students, but it’s also wise to come to school armed with the items that can help kids stay safe and healthy, no matter what grade they’re in.


Shop for All the 7th Grade Essentials

With an average of six to eight different class periods a day, 7th grade students are sure to need lots of supplies to keep them organized and prepared for all their classes. Explore a selection of essential items for school and shop online at Raymond Geddes. GEDDES has an extensive array of supplies, including a pre-assembled supply kit for junior high/middle school students. Contact us today or request a school supply catalog to learn more.