What School Supplies Do I Need For 6th Grade?

Is your child entering 6th grade? Then you probably need to know what school supplies are needed to set a student up for success in the sixth-grade school year. There are many school supplies that 6th grade students will need, depending on their instructors and curriculum, so knowing what school supplies they’ll need in advance of your next shopping excursion can make shopping for school supplies easier, and even more affordable.


For many school districts across the country, the 6th grade marks the beginning of middle school. This can mean that the 6th grade school supply list provided by the school, district or teacher can start to look a little different from those of kindergarten through the 5th grade.


Here’s what parents should expect when shopping for school supplies for their students going into the 6th grade next year.


What Does a Typical 6th Grade School Supplies List Include?

While required school supply lists will vary slightly from teacher to teacher, school to school, and district to district, here is a list of common school supplies that 6th graders will typically need:


  • Backpack

  • Binders with dividers

  • Tabbed dividers for file organization

  • A zipper pouch that can clip into a binder for pencils

  • A composition notebook

  • A three-subject spiral notebook

  • Pens, standard pencils, colored pencils, and highlighters

  • Dry erase markers

  • Loose leaf or lined paper

  • A scientific calculator

  • Lunch bag or box


Your child’s 6th grade instructor may also recommend — but not require — various school supplies and materials that will help support the student’s learning and overall school experience in their first year of middle school. Schools often recommend (or require) that parents add things such as sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, refillable water bottles and facial tissues to their shopping lists for 6th grade school supplies. In the event your 6th grade school supply shopping list includes supplies that fall outside of their strict instructional supplies, it is a good idea to find fun and themed school supplies, which encourage learning and child participation.


Where to Find 6th Grade School Supplies Online

If you are a parent that prefers the convenience of ordering the school supplies that 6th graders need online, as opposed to driving all over town to shop at grocery stores, pharmacy chains, office supply stores, and other brick-and-mortar retailers, consider an online school supply store that specializes only in school supplies, such as GEDDES. A store like this can be a one-stop shop that offers the complete range of 6th grade school supplies, as opposed to grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers that only “dabble” in school supplies.


Even online retailers like Amazon cannot offer the variety and large selection that a true school supply store can, such as themed and branded school supplies that children tend to prefer over the generic school supplies. The personality of the school supplies should match the personality and the preferences of each 6th grade student. When those are aligned, the student tends to become more invested in their own education, as fun and personality are baked right into the learning experience.


In short, parents and 6th-grade students alike: Welcome to the 6th grade! Just know that there might be special school supplies needed to enhance your middle school education. A 6th grader is entering the next chapter of his or her educational journey, and perhaps a new building and unfamiliar surroundings as well. Supplying that student with the most complete and most engaging school supplies is the first step in making the next leg in their journey both inspiring and enriching, all while providing the smoothest transition possible!


We invite you to visit the GEDDES School Supply Online Store to enhance your school supply list with a little fun, personality, and spontaneity, all while making next year’s educational experience and transition into middle school a rewarding one!