The Best Way to Label Your Kids’ School Supplies

Keeping your kids’ school supplies organized and labeled is a great way to ensure that they stay with your kids the entire school year. As the school year goes on, children’s school supplies tend to go missing, as many parents know — even for the organized students — making the chore and cost of replacing supplies a hassle and inconvenience.


One way to ensure that at least some of the lost school supplies find their way back to their rightful owner is to affix clear labels to each item, clearly indicating the child’s name. That way, when found, a teacher or fellow student will have some way of knowing how to return the school supply to the student who lost it. Without that label, the person finding the lost item or items has no way of knowing where to return the school supplies, even if they are inclined to be helpful.


An organized student is a student that is set up for success all school year long. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your kid’s organization, and use labels as a handy way to ensure even the forgetful children have a system in place to stay organized.


How to Easily Label School Supplies

One way to start with a clean slate and to make sure your kids have everything they need for the school year is to begin with a “school kit.” School kits for kids are a convenient and all-inclusive solution to your back-to-school shopping.


When you have a long list of school supplies to purchase for your student, nothing is more daunting than traveling to every store to find the right items. School kits have all the basic school supplies to meet your student's needs, and can make a big difference in starting out the school year organized.


A surefire way to prevent lost school supplies is to have a labeling system in place before the child embarks for that first day of school. Whether you purchase a school kit, or shop for individual items separately, it is a good idea to, before school, lay out every school supply on a table or the floor, and make a list of everything your child is taking to school. Create a list, whether with pen and paper or digitally on your phone or computer, to begin with an “inventory” of all school supplies your kids are starting the year with.


Next, find a labeling system that will allow you to adhere or fasten a name tag to each item on the list. Of course, one size will not fit all school supplies, so be prepared to have school supply labels that are small, medium and large. Small items, like pencils or erasers, may not be large enough to have their own labels, so consider placing those items in a pencil case or pouch, then affix the label to that pencil carrier.


Check off each school supply as you apply the label. Once complete, every school supply should have its own label, and now you have a system in place to keep your child organized for the school year. And should some school supplies go missing, you have a backup plan in place to have that item returned to your child so they don’t get disorganized, even if they get forgetful!


Where to Find Labels for Your Kids’ School Supplies Online

Parents and teachers alike are finding themselves busier than ever, with less time in the day to get everything done. They need things to be easy, quick and effective. By utilizing online “virtual” school supply stores, parents and teachers find everything at their fingertips that they can imagine they’d ever need, including labels, school kits, and other helpful tools to keep your kids organized.


But remember to keep things fun and compatible with your child’s interests, style and personality — even the school supply labels! Research shows that, when school is fun, children become more invested in their own success and progress as engaged learners.


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