How to Organize Your Kids School Supplies

Back-to-school is right around the corner, so now is the time to commit to a system for keeping your kids organized, as well as their school supplies. For many children, it takes more than just making sure you have the right school supplies to set students up for success. Parents need help getting and keeping those school supplies organized, as well!


Whether you’re stocking up for writing supplies, paper products, binders or backpacks, it’s important to know how to organize your kids’ school supplies. Pencil bags, three-ring binders, book bags, folders and files are all simple and affordable ways to organize a student’s school supplies so things stay tidy, organized and easily accessible throughout the school year.


Whether it’s back-to-school season, mid-year, or even the second half of the school year, there’s never a bad time to put a system in place to keep your student organized.


Common Products to Organize School Supplies

No parent wants their child to carry loose pencils or pens around in their pockets, or worse, let them collect at the bottom of a disorganized backpack. Make sure your child has a pencil case or pouch to keep all those school supplies in line. Zipper closures keep pencils, pens, and other school supply items tucked away inside and organized for a big day at school. Whether your child would prefer cute pencil cases or pencil pouches that are slick, soft, fluffy, fuzzy, or funny, find a product that matches your child’s preference and personality so that they feel committed to the process of staying organized.


Have you ever considered an all-in-one school supply kit as a way of keeping your child and school supplies organized? A school supply kit can make a big difference in a student’s life. These school supply kits for kids are a convenient and all-inclusive solution to your back-to-school shopping. When you have a long list of school supplies to purchase for your student, nothing is more daunting than traveling to every store to find the right items. School supply kits can provide everything a parent and child needs for the coming school year, as well as an intuitive system for staying organized throughout the school year.


Make sure your child has a backpack or similar book bag that offers multiple enclosures, pockets and compartments for the student’s various school supplies. If the backpack offers obvious storage for things like pens, paper, binders and other school supplies, your child will intuitively know where things belong, which will increase adherence to your organization system.


Finally, the child’s locker is one of the most personal spaces a student will have in a school. Unfortunately, it can also be a proverbial “dumping grounds” for a kid’s various school supplies, books and clothes they use throughout the year. Eventually, a locker can work against keeping a child organized, if not maintained neatly and consistently. We recommend that parents look for ways to encourage the student to take ownership over the locker space, so that they actually want to stay organized all year long.


One way to truly make a school locker feel like the student’s very own, is to allow them to decorate it and personalize it so that, every time they open it to grab books, they are going to be reminded that the locker is a reflection of themselves and their own personalities. They can accessorize it with fun, furry creatures that magnetically cling to the sides and the door, or they can even hang scents that will make their lockers smell welcoming and comforting.


GEDDES is one online school supply store that offers a variety of fun, personalized and themed school supplies and products that will help keep your kid’s school supplies organized.


Before your child begins another important school year, only to find their backpacks, lockers and school supplies a disorganized mess, visit to learn how to organize your kid’s school supplies in a way that will not only be tidy, but a tidy sum of fun as well!