Top 10 Elementary School Store Ideas

An elementary school store is a great way to raise funds to support your school and it’s also educational for kids. Let students take turns staffing the store to practice their math skills and learn about teamwork, responsibility, and entrepreneurship. The startup investment is low and the return is high—use the profits to fund field trips, additions to the school library, playground equipment, and more.

When it comes to stocking your school store, we recommend a mix of practical items that kids need, like folders and markers, and fun items that kids want. This way, your store serves an important purpose for your school community, while also adding some pizzazz to your students’ pencil cases with fuzzy pencil toppers and squishy scented erasers. Here are some elementary school store ideas to help get you started.


Elementary School Store Supplies

Basic School Store Startup Kit

This package contains six of our best selling items: Confidential Secret Decoder Spy Pens, Smart Phone Erasers, Barrels of Slime, Snack Attack Kneaded Erasers, Magic Erasable Highlighters, and Miles of Smiles Tip Topz Pencils. It’s the perfect starter lineup for any school store.


Standard School Store Startup Kit

Our most popular school store supplies package, this kit contains all of the above items and also Rainbow Gel Pens, Sports Ball Erasers, Clip-On Critter Plush Clips, Double Dip Neon Putty, Smart Phone Pencil Sharpeners, and Scented Gummy Bear Pencil Grips.


Enhanced School Store Startup Kit

Take your school store to the next level with our ultimate starter kit. You’ll get the lowest wholesale prices, a bonus 20% off, and free shipping to boot. In addition to the items in the Basic and Standard packages, you’ll also get Zoo Life 3D Erasers, UFO Putty, Cool Notes Writing Journals, Sparkle Twister Mechanical Pencils, and Here’s Looking at You Eraser Toppers.


Jumbo Markers

Kids have a tendency to forget to put the caps back on their markers, so they’re a school supply that needs to be replaced often. Stock them in your school store so students can easily pick up a pack whenever they need them.


Loose-Leaf Paper

No more having to borrow paper from classmates—your students can simply head over to the school store to buy a package when they run out. We offer both college rule and wide rule loose-leaf with 150 sheets per package.


Multi-Color Two-Pocket Folders

A rainbow of folders makes organizing assignments and handouts from each class a cinch. These are a school supply list staple, which means they’re bound to be a best seller in your school shop.


Colored Pencils

The high-quality pigments used in these colored pencils rival the big-name brands—without the price tag. At a suggested retail price of $2.20 per pack, they’re a great value for students.


Primary School Supply Kit

Instead of sending a lengthy list of school supplies at the beginning of each school year, offer these readymade boxes at your school shop. They’ll make things easier for busy families and you can raise funds for your school in the process.


Blobbles Pencil Pouches

Where are kids going to stash all the supplies they buy at the school store? In one of these fun pencil pouches, of course! These pouches are exclusive to GEDDES, so your students won’t be able to find them anywhere else.


Wacky Whiffs Stackable Highlighters

Highlighters are an essential school supply, but we’ve found a way to make them fun too. These scented highlighters can be used individually or linked together to make one giant highlighter. If your students love these, be sure to add Wacky Whiffs Erasers and Wacky Whiffs Pencils to your school store.


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