If you want to start raising money and use your school store as a teaching tool, our Standard Starter Kit has everything you need and is our most popular kit. With a bonus 10% off and FREE SHIPPING, you're set up to succeed. We’ve chosen items that are proven best-sellers that fly off shelves.

Why a school store?

If you’re facing budget cuts or struggling to come up with new and exciting fundraising ideas, then starting a school store is the easiest way to transform your school. Turn any unused room, table or cart into a school store to create a hub that makes money for you and makes school more fun.


  • Our low-priced products can be resold through your school store for a healthy profit, allowing you to put those funds to your school needs and initiatives. We’ve had customers use school store profits to purchase iPads for teachers, fund class field trips and even buy new playground equipment.

A Teaching Tool

  • Staffing your school store with students is a great opportunity for them to put what they learn in the classroom to practice. Students will learn how to make change, calculate percentages and inventory products. Plus, they’ll gain valuable experience in teamwork, responsibility, and leadership.

Follow our suggested selling prices and you could make a profit of 46%!

QTY (pcs) Item # Product Name Suggested Selling Price
12 68069 Confidential Spy Pen $1.50
50 67345 Rainbow Gel Pen $1.00
24 68562 Snack Attack Soda Bottle Scented Erasers $0.45
48 68624 6 Ct. Scentsibles Fun in teh Sun Erasers 24/Bag $1.30
72 64095 Colorase Kneaded Erasers $0.60
24 70905 Sloth in Disguise Back Pack Keychain $0.75
24 70303 Double Dip Neon Putty $1.00
24 68361 Magic Erasable Highlighter $1.00
24 64528 Miles O’ Smiles Tip Topz Pencils $1.15
24 69718 Smart Phone Pencil Sharpener $1.00
48 71370 Glitter Scented Pencil 48/Tub Grips $0.45
  • Styles and assortments may vary from those shown.

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Neon Putty

This is one of my students favorites!! they love the texture and the colors.

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