Top 10 Fun Prize Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re a parent organizing a fun fair, a librarian looking for incentives for a summer reading program, or a teacher wanting to reward star pupils, there are lots of reasons you might need some fun prize ideas for students. When purchasing for large groups of kids, you want to make sure the prizes you provide are safe and affordable, but you also want to find prize ideas that kids will get excited about, which is no easy feat.

To make the job easier, we’ve collected some of our best prizes for students in the list below. They’re budget-friendly, kid-approved, and lots of fun.

Best Prize Ideas for Kids 

Ball Poppers Toys

Give kids these ball poppers toys and watch them entertain themselves for hours. Squeeze the fun animal characters and they pop out a yellow foam ball. How far? A lot farther than you might expect! They’re great for outdoor play and even the bathtub.


Unicorn Poopsters Toys

What happens when you combine kids’ favorite emoji with their favorite mythical creature? Unicorn Poopsters, that’s what! These squishy, glittery, squeezable toys are perfect for keeping little hands busy—and yes, they’re even kind of cute for a toy shaped like poop.


Fidget Cubes

Get ready for some retro fun with these colorful infinity cubes. This is the kind of prize that works for all age groups and it’s a quiet fidget toy that will keep kids occupied for extended amounts of time.


45mm Premium Hi Bounce Ball Mix

If the last prize idea was good for quiet concentration, this one is good for unleashing lots of giggles and laughs. Bouncy balls are a kid favorite that’s been around for decades, but these aren’t your grandparents’ hi bounce balls—they come in bold colors, striking patterns, and silly characters.


Unicorn Figures

The New York Times recently declared llamas the new unicorns, but we think The New York Times hasn’t met any elementary school girls lately because unicorns are still just as popular as ever, if not more. These cute little friends come in fun colors and have big adorable eyes that make you want to hold on to them and never let go! 


Out of This World Planet Putty

Speaking of trends, slime is hot lately—but while it’s popular with kids, some younger elementary school students have trouble not making messes with it, so it’s not a favorite of parents and teachers. Putty brings the oozy squeezableness without quite as much mess. Our Planet Putty comes in intergalactic metallic hues for molding and shaping.


Quick Push Memory Game

Competitive kids will love this fun mini memory game! There are 4 playing modes - Mission Mode, Memory Mode, Scoring Mode, and Multi-player Mode - so kids can play different games or challenge a friend! 


Galactic Invader Toys

These colorful galactic invader stress balls are fun to squeeze, squish and throw! Each ball is filled with black squish-able orbs that pop out when squeezed. Kids will love these invaders from another dimension!


Buildable Erasers

Students won’t even know they’re doing a STEM activity with these buildable erasers! Give each kid a handful of erasers for their prize and watch them build towers, castles, creatures, and anything else their imagination comes up with. While they can erase the mistakes in their math homework too, we agree that these are much more fun to build with.


Wacky Sand

Wacky Sand is moldable, squeezable, buildable, and completely irresistible. It feels like sand, but is it? Nope, because this sand is mess-free—and it comes in fun colors too. Not only is Wacky Sand a fun prize for elementary school students, it’s also a great birthday party favor to pop into goodie bags.


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