Stress-Free Party Planning

Do you avoid throwing your child a birthday party because of the stress that goes with it? Hosting a birthday party is an event you do not want to skip. There are ways to plan a successful birthday party for your child and avoid feeling stressed. The right supplies can help this event be stress-free for all those involved. Start by deciding what will be your guests’ entertainment, refreshments, and party favors.

Get Organized

First, decide if a theme will pull all elements of your party together – decorations, party favors, table settings, and treats. They could match in color, transform a setting, or picture characters. Your child may want a superhero theme or princess party or everything done up in green or purple. If your child’s birthday falls in the winter months, you may want to have a Hawaiian-themed party. Take inventory of any party supplies that you already have like plastic forks and spoons, tablecloths, or napkins. Using what you already have will help you save money and decide what you really need to get for the party. Now is also time to decide the guests to invite. How many friends and family members do you want to host? Whether you buy invitations at the store or create them at home, have your child help make them out.

Games and Entertainment

Kids enjoy playing freely with their friends and family, but have some form of structured entertainment in place. Kids may be shy and reluctant to interact with others when at a strange place or among unfamiliar people. Plan to have children play a game or two so they can get acclimated to the setting or the new faces they are around. Games with music can quickly make you forget about any awkward silent moments that you encounter. Round up some seats for a classic game of musical chairs. You will need one less than the number of players. Position them in a circle, and have the children walk around the chairs while music plays. When the music stops, each must quickly sit in a seat. The person without a chair has lost his or her chance at winning. Remove a chair and repeat until the final chair has been claimed by the winner. Award the winner with a prize.

Balloon pop is another game that’s a cinch to plan. Stuff tickets inside any number of balloons before blowing them up. When it’s game time, kids pop the balloons and gather the tickets which can be turned in for prizes. Having a backyard scavenger hunt is another game that’s a breeze to plan. Give children a list of objects to find in the yard. They can look for particular flowers, rocks of a certain color, or leaves of a certain size. You may want a few difficult items listed, too, like a bird’s feather or four-leaf clover. Award prizes by the number of items each child finds. Tic-tac-toe in the yard is another fun game to include. On a disposable table cloth or old bed sheet, draw a board for tic-tac-toe. For X’s and O’s, use labeled sandwich bags filled with sand, beans, or corn. Children can play on teams, taking turns throwing the bags onto the large playing surface. The team to get three in a row wins a prize.

Food and Drink

In your invitations, make the time for the party clear and inform guests about what kind of food and beverages will be provided. While you may avoid food preparation altogether by ordering pizza delivery, there are quick and easy food options that can be prepared for little cost. Hot dogs and spaghetti don’t take much to make, and kids generally like them. Menu items such as sloppy joes and pulled pork can be prepared ahead of time and kept warm in crock-pots. Keep your menu balanced by adding fruit and vegetable trays. Birthday cakes are a classic addition to any child’s party, but consider having cupcakes to save on serving time. Plus, you won’t need forks or plates with these. Ice cream is always an option, but again, consider what resources could be saved by having ice cream sandwiches instead.

Party Favors or Pre-Filled Party Bags

When your guests leave, you will want them to take home great memories and a token of your appreciation. Goodie bags filled with cool school supplies and trendy novelty items make great party favors. Consider buying pre-filled goodie bags to help you save time and money.

Make your child’s birthday party a special event for everyone involved. Take these tips on planning and there will be no need to stress out over hosting a party. Doing this can be an unforgettable part of your child’s life.