Finding Help for Fundraisers

When the school needs new playground equipment, sports uniforms, classroom technology, or money to cover travel expenses for a fieldtrip, fundraising is put to the test. Money can be earned through sales at concession stands, ticket booths, and at the school store. These are just a few places where fundraising unites a variety of people for a common cause. Bake sales and the school carnival night are other great fundraising ideas to get the school the extra funds needed for students’ enrichment. Plenty of opportunities to get that cash exist, but how will volunteers be enlisted to help the school reach its goals?

Finding people to help with the school’s efforts may be easier than you think. You will marvel at how willing people are to lend a helping hand for the sake of the school. Reach out to students, parents, clubs, and the community when you need assistance with this type of project. Keeping these folks informed of your endeavors is a crucial step.

Start Early

Even if you know your fundraising effort will be months down the road, begin encouraging others to be involved as soon as the school year begins. Many schools kick off a new year with a back-to-school night, giving students and parents a tour of the facilities and an introduction to the resources and extra-curricular activities that will be available. Parents and students often pick up class schedules and turn in required forms during this event. Having an area already set up for this is conducive for collecting a list of potential helpers for fundraising. Parents can indicate their interest by leaving their name, contact information, and possible availability on a form. Sign-up sheets like this can also be used at parent-teacher conferences. Always include information about fundraising opportunities in e-mail communication that you have with not only parents but also with other teachers and students. To reach people in your school building, advertise your needs on daily announcements. Build a network of volunteers with the help of newsletters and social media, too.

Parents and Students Involvement

Parents often want to lend a helping hand because they like to be involved in their child’s life. Working as a volunteer in the school allows parents to interact with the teachers and kids who spend a great deal of time with their children. It gives them the opportunity to get to know others and become a bigger part of the school community. This can have a great impact on their children because it shows them that their parents care about what is done at school and support the school in its efforts. Students also like helping with school fundraisers for a variety of reasons. First of all, it gives them extra time to interact with their friends, and it allows them to meet new people in the process. Many enjoy the kind of work that a fundraiser entails. Also, some are motivated by the goal of the fundraiser itself. They may take pride in being part of a class fundraiser, or they may work with their team to earn money needed for new sports equipment or uniforms. People of all ages often enjoy helping for the sake of helping.

Clearly State the Job

Spelling out the details of duties needed for a fundraiser can also help in attracting volunteers. Students and adults may want to help, but they may be intimidated if they don’t completely understand what will be expected of them. Chaperones may be needed at events like school dances to monitor student behavior or to ensure a safe environment. Helpers may be required for preparing food and collecting money at concession stands. A clean-up crew could be necessary to obliterate any messes that have been made during sporting events or after a school play. Even the school store could use the help of volunteers. Parents or students may take on the duties of running it before or after school hours. This may mean that they are needed to set up or take down merchandise. As with a lot of fundraisers, someone will need to keep track of the money that is earned. Anyone who wants to help should be aware of what the duties and responsibilities are for their volunteer work. Surprise requirements may mean that they won’t be so willing to help in the future. Keep everyone informed of changes prior to the fundraising event.

Fundraisers benefit the school and its stakeholders in countless ways. Without volunteers, it would not be possible for schools to amass all of the funds that are needed for the extras that make a school stand out. An entire population of helpers are just waiting to be asked for their assistance. Keeping everyone informed of fundraising intentions is necessary to make fundraising a success.