Keeping Up with Kids’ Trends

Tech toys will always be vying for kids’ attention. Interactive toys like robots and remote-control gadgets are great attention-grabbers for kids who show an interest in STEM fields. They are also attractive to those who love using their hands. From simple devices to those that teach kids about computer coding like the robot Anki Cozmo, these kinds of electronics are perfect for entertaining groups or for using by oneself. Some of these types of toys use kids’ prior knowledge to teach them new skills. While many children have experience building with LEGOs, the LEGO Boost takes building blocks to a new level. Not only will kids build a robot, they will use coding to program it!

A lot of older children are currently fascinated by an on-line video game: Fortnite. Created by Epic Games, Fortnite can be played in different game modes. Some kids like trying to save the world, some like fighting other characters to be the last man standing, and some like creating their own world in which to do battle. While Fortnite is easy enough for anyone to play, not everyone is interested in competing when engaging in playtime. Still, Fortnite has elements that kids love when gaming. Like Minecraft, it is something like an alternative universe where kids can interact.

Another on-line favorite among kids continues to be YouTube. They like watching the latest music videos from their favorite artists, laughing at silly animal compilation videos, and learning skills featured on do-it-yourself tutorials. As with any on-line content, parents and guardians need to monitor their children’s internet use so they remain safe. No one wants their children getting bad ideas from videos challenging others to dangerous, unhealthy stunts, nor do they want their children lured by predators. Luckily, YouTube and similar apps continue stepping up their game when it comes to protecting children from content that is not kid-friendly.

Food trends with kids, too, but often in ironic ways! Avocadoes suddenly seem the thing to give as gifts. When viral videos showed children opening avocados given as gifts, they responded in the most adorable ways. Kids now want to give avocados to others as gifts in hopes of achieving silly reactions from the recipients. Burritos are hot with kids, too! Basic Fun Cutetitos are not just any ordinary burritos, though. When their tortilla shells are unwrapped, cute plush characters are exposed. These collectibles can have mild and spicy personalities that give kids a good laugh. Family game nights may start with a hearty meal, but don’t eat Yeti in My Spaghetti. Kids love playing games with family, and this is one for everybody to enjoy. Strands of play-spaghetti are placed over a bowl. Instead of topping the dish with a meatball, this game setup places a small yeti figurine on top. Which player will pull the strand that causes the yeti to fall into the bottom of the bowl?

Kids especially like to keep their hands busy. Take the recent success of fidget spinners, for example. Fidget spinners are little more than plastic or metal toys that spin with the help of ball bearings. Kids like seeing how fast they can go around and around on a flat surface or while they are being held in one’s hand. Fidget spinners can be thought of as toys; kids can use them to compete with each other by seeing whose can spin the longest. Toys like fidget spinners are especially alluring to youngsters because of the variety of colors and designs that they come in. Kids can get them with their team’s emblem on them or their favorite superhero’s trademark. Fun gadgets like this are always more attractive to kids when they make a connection to something a child already loves. Other fidget toys like squishy objects or play slime continue to be trendy possessions for children. These tactile toys help kids relieve stress, bringing them comfort when they feel they are not quite at their best.

Unicorns are incredibly trendy with kids right now. They are magical, majestic, and inspire young imaginations to add to the tomes of unicorn lore. Often colorful, some are even stuffed with extra surprises: more unicorns! Anytime a toy can hide a special bonus like this, kids are delighted. Kids love opening secret compartments to reveal these extra effects. Toys like this are cool to youngsters, and they love sharing them with friends and family!

When you are trying to keep up with the latest kid trends, keep in mind what kids have always liked. They will always enjoy what makes them laugh and learn as well as what they can do alone or with others.