Our 10 Best Selling Prize Ideas For Students

Although we’re well-known for our school supplies, prizes for students are another one of our specialities here at GEDDES. If you’re looking for rewards for your students, you want to make sure you’re choosing something they’ll love, which is why we compiled this list of best selling prizes for students from several of our popular categories. Then, to check our work, we asked for the opinion of an expert: a very discerning kindergartener.


Dumpster Dive Putty

Kids love gross-out humor and kids love putty, so it’s no wonder this is our top seller in the Goo, Putty, & Slime Toys category. Stick your fingers into the mini dumpsters and find Fimo clay fruit pieces, including kiwi, watermelon, grapes, oranges, and more.

Discerning Kindergartener: “That sounds kind of fruity! Maybe you could shape it into stuff and you could play with it in your hands?”


Animal Mesh Squeeze Balls

Our squishy mesh balls just got better because now they’re topped with adorable animals! We’ve got seals, bunnies, hedgehogs, and bears for a squishable, squeezable toy to keep little hands busy.

Discerning Kindergartener: “Oh, I’ve heard of those! They have cute little animals on them.”


Jelly Balls

If you’re sensing a pattern here, you’re right—squeezable toys are always among our best sellers at GEDDES, so if you’re searching for cool prizes, look no further. These neon Jelly Balls provide hours of stress relief and fun—and no matter how hard you squeeze, they just won’t pop!

Discerning Kindergartener: “I think it would feel kind of slimy and they look kind of squishy. I would squeeze them and play with them.”


Glop N Dots Modeling Foam

This fun sensory toy can be poked, squeezed, and shaped without creating a mess. When you’re done, pack it up in its resealable plastic container and play again and again. Kids will love collecting all the different colors!

Discerning Kindergartener: “Oh, I think I want those, actually! They look like they can build cool things and I like to make stuff out of putty and other things. I would model some mushrooms and houses and flags with them.”


Face Mask Lanyard Extender

It’s easy to see why our Face Mask Lanyard Extenders have risen so quickly to the top of our Wearables category—with so many young kids wearing face masks all day at school, a lanyard like this is a must, especially with fun colors and patterns featuring unicorns and cuddly animals! But is it worthy of being added to your classroom treasure chest? Let’s ask our expert…

Discerning Kindergartener: “Those look cute. I would use them when the virus is really bad. They would be good for if you’re going out. Oh, is that a unicorn? UNICORN! It is a unicorn! I want that!”


Glitter Pencils

Sparkle, sparkle! This rainbow assortment of pencils proves that you can never go wrong with glitter. Add some panache to your students’ school boxes with these sparkly, shiny pencils.

Discerning Kindergartener: “They look like they’re glittery. I would draw starry nights and stars and hearts and unicorns with them. Oh, just think about it!”

MLB Soft Keychains

With all this glitter and unicorns, we can’t leave out the sports fans. These MLB Soft Keychains are the top seller in our keychain category. They make great zipper pulls for backpacks and pencil cases too!

Discerning Kindergartener: “Those are earrings, right?”


Trendy Friendz Sharpener Eraser

These adorable little animals do double-duty, combining an eraser and a pencil sharpener all in one cute, lovable package. The animals even have little plastic “backpacks” to collect the pencil shavings to keep students’ desks mess-free.

Discerning Kindergartener: “Cool!”

Writer: “Don’t you think that’s convenient?”

Discerning Kindergartener: “I don’t know what convenient means.”


Ball Craze Maze Pens

These pens are topped with a spinning orb that has three metal balls inside. Twist, spin, and turn the pen to get all three of the balls through the holes. It’s more challenging than you might think!

Discerning Kindergartener: “Wow, they’re like pens with games? Pens and games!?”


Dr. Seuss 3D Puzzle Erasers

GEDDES has plenty of exclusive Dr. Seuss student prizes and school supplies and this one is a best seller in our Pencil Toppers category. Students can collect all three: Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, and Thing 1.

Discerning Kindergartener: “That’s cool! The Cat in the Hat is funny. I would take them apart and put them back together again, then make pencils with them.”


Find More Prizes for Students at GEDDES

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