How to Create A Classroom Treasure Chest With Prizes Your Students Will Love

There are a few things every classroom needs. A blackboard and chalk, a pencil sharpener, books to read, a classroom treasure box…


Yes, you heard us right. A classroom treasure box! As so many teachers and schools work to foster a positive environment that rewards kindness, accountability, and attentiveness, a treasure chest with student prizes is a fantastic way to recognize children’s efforts. But how can you make a classroom treasure chest? Where do you start and what do you fill it with? As always, our team at GEDDES is here to share all the details.

Start With a Treasure Box

Sure, you could pick up a plastic tub the next time you're out shopping or reuse an old cardboard box, but what fun would that be? We’ve got something even better—a treasure chest box that looks like a real treasure chest! Shiver-me-timbers!

A bit of assembly is required, but that’s how we’re able to ship it flat and sell it at the super low price of $4.49. If you’re going for that authentic treasure chest look, keep it as-is once it’s assembled. Otherwise, let your students decorate the classroom treasure chest with stickers, drawings, or whatever else you can think up.


Fill the Box with Student Prizes

Now for the fun part—filling up the treasure box! We know you’re probably on a budget and that’s why GEDDES is fully stocked with cheap prizes for students. Different age groups will have different preferences, and you may have your own preferences too. Don’t want to give away slime and balls that your students may be tempted to play with during class? Opt for pencils and other school supplies instead.

Here are a few of our favorite options for student prizes in a classroom treasure chest:

  • Erasers – When it comes to erasers, we’re pretty sure our selection is the best around. What’s hot right now? Our cool Sundae Pops Kneaded Erasers, which are shaped like ice cream pops!

  • Goo, Putty, & Slime Toys – For a fun gross-out gag, our Dumpster Dive Putty can’t be beat.

  • Squishy Toys – There’s just something so satisfying about squishy toys. Consider them the kid-friendly version of those stress balls they sold in novelty stores back in the 1990s. Sealife Boba Ball Toys are a hit with kids of all ages.

  • Balls – Get more bang for your buck (and bounce for your ounce?) with our Premium Hi Bounce Ball Mix. You’ll get a variety of designs to fill up your classroom treasure box!

  • Wearables – You can’t have a treasure chest without jewels and baubles! Some Pearlized Bracelets, perhaps?

  • Pencil Toppers – The unicorn fanatics in your classroom will go gaga over our Flying Unicorn Eraser Toppers. (They’ll probably also tell you that they’re not unicorns at all, but alicorns—yes, alicorns are unicorns with wings.)

  • Pencils – Yes, we cannot forget the classic student prize, the pencil. But not just any pencil—at GEDDES, we have cool pencils kids actually get excited about. The kindergarten crowd will love getting to choose a Pete the Cat pencil from the treasure chest!


Get Your Classroom Treasure Chest Started With GEDDES

To stock your treasure box, shop our full selection of fun school supplies and novelty toys onlinerequest our catalog today, or contact us to learn more about our products and our mission.