How To Organize Student Workers in a School Store

Giving students the opportunity to work at the school store is a great way to give them a taste of what it’s like to have a job. You can recreate the hiring process with applications and interviews, and offer different jobs complete with a hierarchy within the school store. You can organize the employees in any way you want, and it may vary depending on how many employees you have. You may also want to rotate the employees and their positions on a regular basis. This gets as many students exposed to as many positions as possible. The following is a good blueprint you can work from to plan and organize the student workers in your school store.


General Manager – This student would be the head of the school store. He or she would supervise all operations and report to a supervising adult teacher or parent.

Shift Manager – Shift managers are in charge during scheduled shifts. You can have morning and afternoon shift managers, as well as different managers for different days.

Sales Clerk – The sales clerk handles sales of school supplies and records the transactions in a ledger.

Order Clerk – The order clerk is in charge of inventory, and keeps track of what supplies are in stock. He or she will also need to create lists of inventory that need to be ordered.

Receiving Clerk – When new inventory comes in, this student can verify that the order is correct.

Accountant – The accountant checks out the ledger at the end of the day to make sure it is correct. This position is great for a student who is very engaged with math.

Advertising Reps – Advertising reps increase awareness of the school store. This position is great for lots of students, as it can involve everything from art and creativity to public speaking.