Five Great School Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraisers are a great way to get extra funds that you can use for everything from field trips to sports to celebrations. These ten fundraiser ideas are both fun and practical for your school. Check them out!

School Store

The school store is a great source of funds for the school because it’s essentially a non-stop fundraiser. By promoting the school store or holding special events or contests their, you can increase its potential as a fundraiser.


You can hold a raffle for everything from a chance to be the principal for the day to the chance to spend time on a fun project with a teacher. Raffles generate school-wide excitement and are always fun.

Funny Stunts

Kids love to see their teachers, or even better, their administrators, do funny things. If you can find a volunteer willing to get dunked in a dunk tank or dye their hair purple (just as an example) for the right price, you can definitely generate plenty of hype with this true “fun”draiser.

Academic Fundraisers

In an academic fundraiser, family and friends pledge a certain amount based on a measurable academic achievement. For example, if a student learns a whole row of the times table, they’ll pledge x amount. Students are tested on their knowledge, and teachers announce how many times tables were learned and how much money was raised. Everyone can then celebrate with a party.

Student Art Sale

Parents always love student art, so try this variation on a bake sale as a fundraiser. Student art can be put on everything from mugs to magnets, and students will be proud to show off their work.