colorful pop its and fidget toys

Some students like math while others enjoy reading, but have no doubt…all students love a class party or contest! Parties and contests are great ways to engage students on a common goal, foster collaboration, and allow students to learn through play. One part of all parties and contests that the students look forward to the most is winning prizes. Offering great prizes can be the difference between a good party and spectacular one, so choose the prizes carefully to get the best outcome possible. In this post, we’ll review 10 of the most popular prizes we carry for classroom parties and contests.

1. Putty & Slime

Putty and its newer cousin, slime, are always popular with students of all ages. Students can squish, mash, stretch, and knead putty or slime as much as they want without fear of messing them up. We especially like putty and slime for students with sensory processing issues since they offer tactile stimulation quietly. Putty and slime come in various colors, textures, and even smells to suit even the pickiest student.

2. Fidget Toys

Fidget toys have exploded in popularity since the fidget spinner debuted back in 2017. This category of toys is another great choice for those with sensory issues and allows students to explore and manipulate with switches, buttons, wheels, and more in various orientations and setups. Some research also indicates that fidget toys are helpful for student focus and relaxation.

3. Squishies & Plushies

If cute and cuddly are what your students want, then squishies and plushies are the prizes you need to get. Squishies and plushies are soft, squeezable, and come in a huge variety of designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. From cute animals to trendy food items, squishies and plushies are perfect for students who like to collect themed items or just want a squishy little buddy.

4. Keychains

While most students don’t actually drive, that doesn’t stop them from hanging novelty keychains off of everything they own. Keychains are a great way for students to express their opinions and hobbies, declare affiliation with a certain group or club, or verify they participated in a specific event. Keychains can even be personalized to match the theme of the party or contest, making it even more special for the students.

5. Figurines

For the little collectors in your classroom, figurines are a great party or contest prize idea. Figurines, similar to squishies and plushies, can be any type of themed characters. From cute animals to dinosaurs to unicorns to sea creatures to boba teas, teachers can find figurines that fit the interests of pretty much any student.

6. Pen & Pencil Toppers

All students have to use pens or pencils, so why not make them interesting with pen and pencil toppers? Students can don their writing utensils with fun figurines, fidget games, scented erasers, and more. For students who like to chew on things due to sensory issues, chewable pencil toppers are also a thing! These inexpensive party prize ideas are always a crowd-pleaser.

7. Bouncy Balls

Everyone has had a bouncy ball at some point in their life. These classic kid’s favorites encourage physical activity, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. Bouncy balls come in all sizes and every color under the sun, and they’re durable enough to last through substantial play.

8. Squeeze Balls

Squeeze balls are the perfect little stress relievers. Students enjoy the tactile stimulation squeeze balls offer, especially if they need to focus on a specific task or assignment. While classic squeeze balls were pretty plain, modern squeeze balls come in all shapes and sizes. Some unique squeeze balls are even shaped like different characters with multicolor insides that pop out through small holes in the larger ball. No matter what they look like, squeeze balls are a tried-and-true party prize classic.

9. Erasers

Long gone are the boring pink rectangles of the past. Modern erasers are bright, colorful, and sometimes even scented! Erasers are a practical prize that students not only need, but will also want when they come in so many unique and fun designs.

10. Art Supplies

Art supplies like colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, sketchbooks, modeling clay, and more make fantastic party or contest prizes. For students who have already found a love of the arts, these prizes help them build their skills and explore other media. For students who are new to art, art supply prizes help them discover new interests and potential hobbies. Art supplies are one of the most enriching prize options on this list and phenomenal for teachers who want to encourage creativity and expression.

GEDDES Has the Class Party & Contest Prizes Your Students Want

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