Best Middle School Rewards & Incentives

Middle schoolers are tough to please, so finding rewards and incentives that will meet their exacting standards can be tricky. Luckily, we have plenty of cool prizes and school supplies at GEDDES, so even the pickiest kids will find something to get excited about! Here are some middle school rewards and incentives to consider for your classroom.


Totally Adorkable Scented 6 Color Pen

No kid is too cool for scented school supplies. In fact, we know a few adults who can’t resist smelly pens, pencils, and erasers. The junior high set will go wild for these multicolored pens, which feature fun characters and a variety of scents, and the different colors are perfect for keeping notes and planners organized.


That’s So Retro Erasable Highlighters

If you’re of a certain age, it probably makes you feel incredibly old to know that the 90s are now considered retro, but everything that’s old is new again and middle schoolers like, totally, think the 90s are rad, dude. Not only are these highlighters all that and a bag of chips, they’re also erasable. Booyah! So will middle school students love them? No duh.


Magnetic Kitty Kompanions

Let’s face it, middle schoolers can be kind of weird. For kids with an off-beat sense of humor, these locker magnets can’t be beat. They somehow manage to be both adorable and utterly strange at the same time. Your students will want to collect them all, and who can blame them—they’re impossible to resist!


3D Emoji Erasers

While smartphones aren’t allowed in the classroom, emojis are more than welcome—when they’re in eraser form, that is. These emoji erasers are the perfect classroom incentive for middle schoolers who love to text their friends, and they certainly come in handy for pre-algebra homework. (Although they’re almost too cute to use!)


Boho Bracelets

These on-trend bracelets come in a variety of colors and they’re ideal for mixing and matching. Whether kids wear one or stack several, they’re sure to make a statement. Not only will the fashionistas in your classroom love these bracelets, you might even want to keep a few for yourself!


NFL Dog Tags

Need some rewards for the football fans in your classroom? NFL dog tags are exactly what you’re looking for! They do double duty as a dog tag necklace or as a keychain, which can be hooked onto a backpack zipper. We have logos for all 32 teams in our lineup, so kids can trade with each other to get their favorites.


Colored Earbuds With Triangle Case

No middle schooler wants boring gray earbuds! Give your students a pop of color with these fun earbuds, which come complete with their own carrying case. Not only are these a popular incentive, they’re also useful in the classroom for independent learning time.


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