6 Best Class Party Ideas

Class parties are great incentives to get students to work together for a common goal, but sometimes it’s nice to throw a party just because! Of course, every party needs a theme, and we’ve got you covered there. Here are some of the best class party ideas for kids of all ages.

Movie Day

Let your classroom vote on a movie to watch and make an afternoon (or morning) of it. Students can decorate brown paper bags or white paper cups, then fill them up with popcorn. Younger kids will have fun making tickets and role playing as ticket collectors and ushers. Dim the lights, project the movie on the big screen, and give your students the movie theater experience right in their own classroom.


Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Dr. Seuss’s birthday is on March 2, and it’s become a day to celebrate in schools across the country! Naturally, it’s a great day to read some Dr. Seuss books to your class, but why stop there? We have all kinds of Dr. Seuss school supplies and novelties to delight your students, from Dr. Seuss STEM Builder Sets to Dr. Seuss Boba Ball Toys. They make perfect prizes for a Dr. Seuss trivia contest!


Talent Show

A talent show doesn’t have to be a school-wide affair! Kids who are a little too timid to share their talents on stage in front of the whole school will be happy to sing, dance, juggle, or play the ukulele for their classmates and teacher. Put a sign-up sheet in the classroom a week before and select your most outgoing student to MC the event. Make sure everyone gets a prize for participating—we have lots of fun prize ideas on our website!


Travel the World

Each month of the school year, choose a different country to learn about, then throw a themed party with traditional decorations, music, and foods. You might want to choose countries that students in your class have connections to, have traveled to, or simply ones they’re learning about in geography or history. Reading about other countries is one thing, but experiencing the food and culture in the classroom will get students excited and engaged.


Game Day

Set up stations around the classroom with different board games and let students divide themselves into small groups to play. Go retro with games like Trouble, Life, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Yahtzee, and Connect 4, or have kids bring their favorite board games from home. Your class will have so much fun playing games, you won’t need any party decorations or snacks!


Hot Cocoa Party

A Hot Cocoa Party is a great idea for the holiday season. Buy inexpensive white ceramic mugs for each student to decorate and bring home, then make a crock pot full of hot cocoa. Set out a board of hot cocoa mix-ins like marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles, and whipped cream so your students can customize their cocoa with their favorite toppings.

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