8 Ideas for School Treats that Aren’t Candy

 Who doesn’t like some recognition for doing something that sets you apart from the crowd? Rewards and treats are often fantastic motivators for people of any age, and children are no different. While we frequently turn to tasty treats, we’re living in a time where we need to be a bit more health-conscious, and we don’t need to turn to sweets to reward our children! Are you having a class party and need ideas for non food birthday treats for school? Don’t want to deal with food or candy distribution? No problem! We’ve comprised a list of some fantastic rewards, prizes, gifts, or “just because” school treats for kids for reasonable prices from Raymond Geddes.


  1. Ball-style toys - Many ball-style toys are available within our “ball” category. Designed to help kids move and be more active, you can choose from unique superballs, injury-proof foam balls, squeeze balls, and even stress balls!

  2. Fidget spinners - The fidget craze isn’t over. The more unique and exciting the fidget toy, the more kids want to collect and play with them. Designed to keep children calm and focused, fidget spinners are something the parents and teachers will appreciate as well. (Some of our spinners double as pencil erasers too!)

  3. Slime/Goo - Perfect for the kids who love sensory toys. We offer a selection of zombie slimes, smelly goos, and even unicorn putty! Aesthetically pleasing goop can be transformed into different shapes and sizes while providing an interesting audio component that will keep the senses satisfied without leaving a mess to clean up.

  4. Toy animal figures - Each child has their favorite animal. With a large selection of pencil/pen clips, plushies, and tiny toys, you can create a fun and safe collectible craze within a child’s peer group.

  5. Glider planes - Get the children outside! With a large assortment of colors and shapes, you can provide an irresistible way to keep the kids running around the backyard, schoolyard, or local park for hours.

  6. Fashion accessories - Okay, so maybe not exactly Dolce or Prada, but something like themed wristbands, stylish bracelets, or vibrant sunglasses can be nice non food birthday treats for school. To brighten the current climate, maybe consider some face mask lanyards!

  7. School supplies - Not boring number 2 pencils, BIC pens, or regular parchment… crazy pens, Pete the Cat pencils, and rainbow memo paper! All children can appreciate a fun spin on their boring school supplies, and we have a plethora of options for every age, gender, and interest.

  8. Earbuds - As much as some people hate to admit it, personal electronics are here to stay. Our children have access to personal tablets at home and school, something we only could dream about when we were growing up! Let them try to express themselves with some stylish, affordable earbuds that come in various colors.


We’ve got all of your unique treats, fun school supplies, and novelty toys covered at Raymond Geddes. Be sure to log in and check out the top sellers section as you’ll be able to get a good idea of what our other customers are having success with!