5 Classroom Supplies You Need to Restock

Whether preparing for the first day of school or doing a mid-year restock, classroom supplies for teachers are imperative in running a successful classroom. Appropriate supplies play an integral role in almost every school day, and art projects, writing, holiday celebrations, and helping keep kids safe and healthy all require classroom supplies. With all of these materials needed, finding great deals and useful supplies is extremely important. Take a look at our list of top supplies that won’t break your classroom budget.


  1. Health Essentials

In today’s world, the most critical responsibility of any teacher is to ensure the health and safety of students. Having adequate supplies to make this the highest priority is necessary. Items such as hand sanitizer and face masks should be readily available along with appropriately labeled areas for safety and spacing. The stock of these supplies lends peace of mind to parents and students.


  1. Paper Products and Writing Supplies

The most frequently used supplies in a classroom are typically paper products and writing supplies. Paper, pencils and notebooks, stickers to acknowledge a great job, and folders to store it all in are needed continuously throughout the year. Paper products and writing supplies are also the most frequently left behind at home products making it crucial to have a stockpile readily available in the classroom.


  1. Classroom and Fun Supplies

Beyond the classroom supplies that make the academic side of the classroom function smoothly, some supplies help fuel the creative and fun side of school. Items like crayons, scissors, craft sticks, and glue are the staples that make an elementary education memorable and engaging. Scented erasers, emoji notepads, and colorful stamps are all examples of supplies that can turn an ordinary classroom into a unique experience.


  1. Seasonal Supplies

Students may not use seasonal supplies in the academic portion of each day, but they acknowledge student success or give the classroom the exciting feel of an upcoming holiday. Seasonal supplies are a great tool to get students engaged and excited by their environment and assignments.


  1. School Kits

Whether the parents or the teacher purchase the supplies, school kits make the process easy. Kits are available that include all of the school supplies needed for the year and can typically be chosen based on grade or created to meet the student’s specific needs. It is so much easier than going to different places and seeking out the needed supplies, and it’s one-stop shopping with the ability to customize if needed.


Classroom supplies for teachers are essential in every aspect of classroom management and ensuring a successful school year. It is important to find great deals and unique items to meet the needs of the teacher, students, and school community. Parents and teachers working together to make sure the items for the classroom are well stocked and available when needed is one of the most important components in the overall success of the year.