7 Fun Classroom Rewards & Incentives for Kindergarten

Classroom incentives are great ways to motivate, encourage and inspire your kindergarten class. They can help encourage children to work hard, focus, and behave well.

Kindergarten classroom rewards can be used as positive reinforcement for learning, good behavior, hard work, and almost anything else you might think of!


The following strategies will help you implement a successful reward system for your kindergarten classroom:


  • Be specific about expectations. Tell students exactly what behavior is expected of them.

  • Be consistent when rewarding and punishing behaviors.

  • Use a variety of rewards. Variety is the spice of life! The same old thing gets boring after a while, so try to keep it interesting by rotating between several different rewards and incentives.

  • As with any other behavior, moderation is key! Don't overdo it with praise...or rewards. You don't want your students to become dependent upon praise or rewards for doing what they are supposed to be doing anyway.


Here are some fun classroom rewards and incentives that are sure to be a hit with your kindergarteners.


1) 3-inch Deluxe Squishy Plush Dinosaur

These adorable slow-rise squishy plush dinosaurs are fun to squeeze and throw!! Assorted hues and patterns. Approximate 3" diameter.


2) Acornimals Toy Figures

These tiny, ultra-cute Acornimals include a raccoon, dog, sheep, hippopotamus, fox, goat, cow, and black cat. Children can collect them and even twist off the head of the Acornimals to store a tiny treasure inside!


3) Spiky Character Toy

A fun party prize! Spikey characters are super fun to collect and trade because they come in a variety of colors and characters, including a sloth, a robot, a narwhal, a llama, and an avocado. Colors and assortments may vary.


4) Unicorn Squeeze Balls

Fun to squish, squeeze, and throw! These cute creatures offer lots of entertainment! Each unicorn ball is filled with tiny colorful squishable orbs that pop out when squeezed. Colors: blue, pink, green, and yellow. Approx. 3.5" in size.


5) Balloon Animal Party Figures

Balloon animals are an all-time favorite among children! Eight balloon animals are available: a teddy bear, a monkey, a butterfly, a horse, a unicorn, a cat, and a dog. These balloon animals have a pearlized finish that makes them look even more like tiny balloon animals. They're sure to bring a smile to the face of your kindergarteners! Each animal is delightfully squishy and comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including hot pink, lime green, red, purple, red, blue, and aqua. Animals are approximately 1.75" in size.


6) 5" Squish Narwhal Toys

These narwhal squishies are cute stress relievers. These are made of slow-rising foam and are a joy to squeeze and squish! The adorable narwhal design is available in four colors: pink, teal, blue, and purple. Each squishy is individually wrapped in a printed polybag—5" in length.


7) Glop N Dots Modeling Foam

Form it, shape it, and play for hours! This super fun modeling foam has a distinct sensory quality! In four vibrant and foamy colors: green, pink, purple, and orange. Each color comes packaged separately in a plastic container measuring approximately 2.5" x 1."


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