7 Ways to Keep Middle Schoolers Reading

Reading is a great way to relax and improve your vocabulary, but sometimes it can be a chore, especially when teaching middle school kids who are reluctant readers. Here are some ideas to inspire your students and get them reading more:


1. Start a Reading Challenge

Starting a reading challenge in your middle school classroom  is a great way to engage students and encourage them to read books independently.

The “Super Reader” challenge is perfect if you have students who need extra motivation. You can create this challenge as an individual or group competition. All you need is some kind of bulletin board that students can add their names to after each book they read. The student or group with the most books read will earn a reward or prize at the end of the month, week, or semester.


2. Let Students Choose What They Read

One of the best ways to encourage reading in middle schoolers is to let them choose their own books. This doesn't mean that they can choose any book they want, but it does mean that they should have a say in what kinds of books they want access to.

Allow students to suggest books for the classroom library or provide choices within genres. For example, if you have assigned a genre study on fantasy novels, allow students to choose one of several fantasy novels for their independent reading book.

3. Encourage Independent Reading

Ask your middle schoolers to read independently for 15-20 minutes every day, whether at home or in the classroom. This builds familiarity with reading as well as their ability to focus independently.


4. Set Up Reading Stations in the Classroom

Make reading fun for your middle school students by setting up a few small group reading stations in your classroom. These set-ups can make reading enjoyable for students and help them develop their reading comprehension skills.

Reading stations consist of small groups of three to six students who get together to read the same book or story. Gather several large beanbags or pillows into groups of three or more around your classroom. You can also place four chairs around a low table to create a station.


5. Create a Book of the Month Program

Pick out books you think will interest the students in class and create posters for them. Display them in the classroom and explain why these books are awesome—their popularity will grow from there!


6. Create a Reading Journal or Notebook

If you want to encourage your middle schoolers to read, have them start a reading journal. For each book they read, they can record the date they started and finished it, their star rating, and what they thought of it. If they don't like writing, have them be as artistic as they want to keep it fun. Drawings, magazine cutouts, and sketches are always great additions to any journal.


7. Give Rewards and Prizes

Rewards can include cool prizes or extra credit points! Encourage them along the way so they'll be motivated to keep reading and improving their skills!



Prizes to Keep Reading Fun for Your Middle Schoolers


Reading Rocks! Incentive Bookmarks

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Glitter Cover Journal

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