backpack full of cute school supplies

Is it even really school unless you have all the cute supplies? That’s how many students may feel these days, as cute and trendy school supplies have become a prerequisite. And with all the fun options available, it can be hard for students and teachers alike to resist the temptation!

Often it’s part of the back-to-school ritual for kids to go shopping with their parents for their supplies, but wise and well-prepared teachers know that it’s always smart to have plenty of supplies on-hand in the classroom, too. This way, when students inevitably run out of something or forget an item at home, there's no reason to put a halt to your lesson plan.

Teachers, have no fear! Here we’ve rounded up a list of the top cute school supplies your students will love.

7 Cute School Supplies Your Students Will Love

The ideas are truly endless, so this list is just to get you started. Check out a few of the cutest of the cute school supplies your students will love:

1. Character Merch
Don’t sleep on adorably fun supplies featuring classic brands like Dr. Seuss, DC Comics and Pete The Cat. School is automatically better when your favorite character’s by your side!

2. Emoji Mojo
Emojis are a safe way for kids to express how they’re feeling, and that translates perfectly to school supplies, too. There are tons of emoji-themed supplies that are just right, whether you’re feeling silly, sad or mad.

3. Scent-sory Experience
The nose knows! For a modern take on the beloved scratch-and-sniff stickers of days gone by, dive into a sensory explosion with a full array of scented school supplies in the cutest designs that students will surely love.

4. It’s Zoo Out There!
Teachers may feel that the classroom is a zoo some days, but everyone can agree that animals are adorable and can brighten every day! See what zoo animals you can spot on your favorite school supplies and bring your students along on the adventure.

5. Unicorn Dreams Come True
Maybe it’s a myth, and it’s most certainly magical, but kids know that unicorns really do exist – at least on all their favorite school supplies, that is! Behold the cutest collection of fantastical unicorn-themed supplies, where dreams really do come true.

6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Continuing the magical theme, rainbows are not to be outdone. They have the power to captivate and remind us all that even after a storm, good things await. Look for colorful and cheerful rainbow supplies to brighten your classroom, too.

7. Food for Thought
Sweet treats, snack attacks or mini munchies – with these food-themed supplies, you’ve got it all covered! Students will love the cute styles modeled after their favorites foods like doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, burgers, cupcakes and more.

Shop Cute School Supplies and More for Your Classroom

Cute school supplies are guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day, and they can be a great reward or incentive for your students too. Browse GEDDES for dozens of cute school supplies your students will love. Contact us today or request a school supply catalog and shop cute school supplies that are sure to deliver styles to make them smile!