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Preschoolers are generally a fun-loving bunch, and since lesson planning at this age can often be a bit more laid back, it presents a great opportunity for teachers to weave in some class parties from time to time. Whether to recognize classmates’ birthdays for the month, upcoming holidays or perhaps a class milestone achievement, there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Before teachers and class parents throw the next party, it’s important to take a few things into consideration though. What games are age-appropriate for the littlest learners? And what types of prizes are safe for preschool classrooms? Let’s take a deeper dive into some fun options for party games and prizes for preschoolers.

Party Games for Preschoolers

This list could go on forever, as the basis of games suitable for preschool-aged kids really is all about combining fun and movement. Here are a few of the games that have stood the test of time and continue to rank among the top favorites for preschoolers:

1. Duck, Duck, Goose
Such a simple way to get out some extra energy, this game starts with all the children seated in a circle while one classmate rounds the outside, chanting, “duck…duck…duck,” and tapping each classmate on the shoulder as he or she goes along. The game amps up when one classmate is finally tapped, “goose!” and then must get up and chase the “tapper” until he or she is caught. The game continues on in this fashion, incorporating both patience and anticipation, along with bursts of fast-paced fun.

2. Freeze Dance
This game is an excellent way to get the wiggles out, especially during a rainy or snowy day when recess might not be possible. The game starts off with the teacher playing an upbeat song and encouraging students to show off their silliest, snazziest or most impressive dance moves – until the music stops and the children must “freeze” in place until the song starts playing again. Anyone who isn’t “frozen” during the break must now sit out, with the last one standing being declared the winner.

3. Treasure or Scavenger Hunt
Another great game for days when you need an indoor option is a treasure or scavenger hunt. This can be played within your classroom, or if not too disruptive, throughout designated areas in the school such as the library, gym, cafeteria or music room. Even the youngest students can follow a map with visual cues and they can partner up into teams. If they put their thinking caps on and pay attention to the clues, their efforts are sure to be rewarded with the treasure that awaits them! This is also a fantastic game for the playground when the weather cooperates.

Prizes for Preschoolers

So, once all the games have been played, what about prizes? Every game is more fun knowing there are prizes to be had at the end of it! Here are some prizes that are kid-tested and teacher-approved, even for preschoolers:

1. Pre-Filled Goodie Bags
Pre-filled goodie bags can be a game changer for busy teachers and parents, as the work is already done with these pre-assembled prize bags. You can add to them if you like, with a few small extra items such as a juice box and a pack of goldfish crackers. Or, if you prefer to customize your own, you can assemble coloring books and crayons, a small favorite figurine and a few snacks like pretzels or fruit snacks and a bottle of water.

2. Keychains and Backpack Buddies
These prizes are a super fun way for kids to express themselves, as they are available in a variety of forms such as animals, licensed characters, food shapes, charms and more. Keychains and backpack buddies can be attached to preschoolers’ backpacks and lunch bags, and can help manage extra energy too, as some are designed as fidgets and poppers.

3. Novelty toys
From squishy toys and animal figurines to rubber duckies and stuffies, novelty toys are always a hit with the preschool crowd. They are fun to play with and can even be collected, and they offer an affordable option for teachers as they can often be purchased in bulk.

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