Best Home School Prize Box Ideas

If you’re a homeschooling parent, you want to make sure your child has just as much fun learning at home as they would if they were spending their days in a traditional classroom. One way to do this is by having a home school prize box to reward them for a job well done. Here are some fun prize options that might just inspire your kids to work a little bit harder!


Ball Poppers Toys

Give kids one of our ball popper toys and watch them entertain themselves for hours! Popping plastic balls into the air and seeing who can launch theirs the furthest is a whole lot of fun, but you can also work these into a phys ed lesson and help your child work on their hand-eye coordination.


Glop N Dots Modeling Foam

While we’re on the topic of toys that do double-duty, we can’t forget to mention our Glop N Dots Modeling Foam! Great for STEM learning and creative play, kids can use this foam to form shapes, letters, and create models. Who says learning isn’t fun?


Stretchy Pests

Looking for a fun manipulative or addition to your child’s sensory bin? These stretchy pests are up to the job! They’re just the right size for little hands and kids can’t resist these colorful creepy-crawlies.


Glitter Earbuds With Case

Upgrade your tween’s earbuds by giving them a set of glittery buds that come complete with their own carrying case. If glitter isn’t their thing, don’t worry—we have plenty of options in all different kinds of colors and styles!


Dr. Seuss STEM Builder Sets

If you have kids who love to build things, add these Dr. Seuss STEM Builder Sets to your home school prize box. Each set has 36 interlocking disks that can be used to build all kinds of colorful creations.


Shark Pen

You can’t go wrong with a novelty pen, and we’ve got plenty of them at GEDDES. These shark pens are the perfect prize for kids who are enamored with the deep-sea predator. A prize that’s fun and useful? Yes!


Squash-a-rific Marshmallow Putty

For another home school prize that doubles as an educational tool, consider our Marshmallow Putty. It comes in 4 colors and it feels like marshmallows (hence the name!). It’s stretchy, shapeable, and great for kids who need to fidget while learning.


Confidential Spy Stamps

If you have an amateur sleuth in your home, they’ll have tons of fun with our Confidential Spy Stamps! They come with a pad of invisible ink that’s only visible with UV light!


Golden Loot Bookmarks

Here’s a fun idea for older homeschoolers! Instead of rewarding them with prizes, give them these Golden Loot Bookmarks as a reward, then let them redeem them for extra screen time, a book they’ve been wanting, or another incentive.



Order Home School Prizes from GEDDES

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