5 Whole Class Reward Ideas for Teachers

Are you tired of looking out into your classroom to see glazed-over faces? Maybe you’re exhausted from spending hours lesson planning only to find that your students aren’t as engaged as you had hoped. A whole class reward system is the perfect solution to re-ignite your students’ interest. When the class meets the goals, there are many creative options to appeal to elementary and middle school students, from classroom game days to toy rewards.


The Benefits of Whole Class Rewards

Studies have shown that whole class reward systems positively impact many aspects of the classroom environment. They promote relationship building amongst the students by providing a common goal everyone can work toward. Reward systems also create a rapport between the students and the teacher. The teacher can reward students through positive reinforcement and in a tangible manner with items they enjoy.


Whole Class Reward System Ideas

Here is a list of some creative classroom prizes that are affordable and sure to excite the kids:



You can never go wrong with slime. This classic toy has an option for everyone, from colored slime to sparkle putty and slimy toys. Students are sure to love the chance to choose their favorite gooey color. It’s a great way to engage kids and give them a chance to express their creativity with their slimy ideas.


Fidgets and Sensory Toys

Fidget and sensory toys serve more than one purpose; kids love them and teachers love that they help extend their students’ attention spans. These toys are perfect for helping focus attention and relax even the most fidgety kids. Fidgets are fun to play with, non-disruptive, and a great classroom aid.


Novelty Toys and Games

An assortment of  novelty toys and games is great to have for a classroom prize box or to use as prizes for the Game Afternoon that the class worked hard to win. These affordable toys are sure to appeal to kids with classic choices, creative options, and fun games.


Tech Gadgets

Let’s face it, technology is a large part of most students’ lives now and these rewards are sure to appeal to the older elementary and middle school kids. The appeal of earbuds and stylus pens is undeniable to most students. Tech gadgets will surely motivate them to work together toward their mutual classroom goals.


Pre-Filled Goodie Bags & Treasure Chests

Pre-filled goodies bags and Treasure Chests are a great option to save teachers time and build excitement for students. Filled with a variety of treasures, kids love the excitement of going through the bags and chests and then comparing their contents with their peers. It’s sure to be a win for both teachers and students.

Classroom prizes in a whole class reward system serve as the perfect motivator and create an amazing rapport among everyone in the classroom. Teachers can to express their creativity in the different methods and ways they choose to offer the rewards. They can rest assured that they are meeting the rigorous academic challenges of their classroom without sacrificing the enjoyment of their class and learning. You don’t have to spend a fortune or hours preparing to have an engaged and motivated classroom that students and parents will talk about and remember for years to come.

By choosing Raymond GEDDES for your whole classroom reward systems, you can have an engaged and motivated classroom that both students and parents will remember for years to come.