5 Tips for Organizing Class Parties

Classroom parties are events that kids live for and parents and teachers struggle to organize. Many components must come together to create events that keep the students entertained and happy without overwhelming the teacher and rendering the whole day useless. The most successful class parties can combine fun activities with learning incentives and, of course, some fun things to take home and show parents. A classroom party can be a great success with some parental help and creative ideas for games and crafts. Here are some of our best classroom party ideas to help make this experience a great memory for everyone involved.


Organize and Communicate

Planning is essential to making sure that the party can run smoothly. Teachers should communicate the day and time to parents and everyone involved. Parents should also be brought into the planning process, whether it is a set of room parents or a team of parents. It should be a group effort to make sure the necessary items are brought in, that the craft and game supplies are available and that there is appropriate supervision at each craft or game station.


Craft Stations

A great craft or multiple crafts are one of the most essential components to a great elementary classroom party. Every child looks forward to getting creative and bringing home an item to display, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a Winter celebration. Well-planned activities, designated craft areas, and of course, plenty of creative and expressive supplies all play a role in the themed crafts the students will create. Many crafts can be tailored to fit almost any party theme, and this should be a part of the party where the students can have fun and express their creative abilities.


Games and Prizes

What is a party without games? Classroom party games can be educational or silly, messy or tidy. The possibilities are endless, and students will love all of them. Toys and games make great prizes when playing a game like flipping a rubber duck to choose a reward if you get a math question right or winning bingo and selecting from the prize box.


Seasonal Decoration and Supplies

Like any holiday, the décor always sets the tone. Decorating and using supplies that match the party theme can organize and complete the desired feel for the day. There should be themed prizes and accessories and décor and food that reflect the theme of the party.


Goodie Bags

If you ask anyone what one of the best parts of a party is, they’ll say the goodie bag at the end! Goodie bags remind them of their great time long after leaving the party. Goodie bags and their contents should also reflect the theme of the party. They can contain items such as theme erasers, small balls, bracelets, slime, or keychains. Always keep in mind the theme of the party and the age of the student.


Parties are always fun for everyone involved. Organized in the right way and with the appropriate activities, it can be a great memory and experience for the classroom, grade, or school. You can apply these ideas to the smallest or largest party, and everyone is sure to have a great time.