Best Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

School supplies don’t seem like they’d be all that expensive, but once you start checking off all the items on the list from your child’s school, the costs begin to add up fast! Luckily, with some smart shopping, you can save money on school supplies and still get everything your kids need for a successful school year. Here are some of our favorite tips:


Buy Bulk School Supplies

At GEDDES, we sell many of our school supplies in bulk. Your child might not need 12 erasers at the beginning of the school year, but once you account for use and lost items, that package of 12 erasers might just come in handy! If you have storage space in your home, set up a supply area where your child can replenish their school box whenever they need to.

Alternatively, you can buy in bulk and share the costs with your child's friends, neighbors, or classmates. Some parents even make a small side business out of this, charging a fee for putting together all of the school supplies families will need for the upcoming year. When you include fun, colorful supplies from GEDDES, everyone in the neighborhood will want to get in on your bulk purchases!


Work Off of the Official Supply List

Don’t wing it! You’ll save a lot of money simply by purchasing what your child actually needs for school, rather than what you think they need or what they want, but don’t really need. These days, almost every school offers printable supply lists online to make shopping easy, and they’re often available well before school starts to give parents ample time to take advantage of sales.


Shop for School Supplies Online

Shopping in bulk is easiest when you do it online and have everything delivered straight to your door! In addition, there’s much more variety online, and you’re more likely to find great deals that aren’t available in stores. Comparison shop to find the best prices before you make a purchase.


See What You Have on Hand

Why buy more pencils when you already have dozens of them all over the house? The same goes for crayons, markers, glue, and anything else your child might need for school. As long as the supplies are in usable condition, there’s no reason that they have to be brand new.


Shop Year Round

Instead of waiting until August rolls around to shop for supplies, pick them up whenever you find a good deal. Demand is higher around the start of the school year, so while there will be sales, they’re not the best sales of the year. If you have the storage space, why not buy school supplies at a deep discount on Black Friday and keep them on hand until you need them?


Order Affordable School Supplies from GEDDES

Visit the GEDDES website to shop our full selection of affordable school supplies online, request our catalog today, or contact us to learn more about our products and our mission.