kindergarten students listening to teacher read a story

Learning to read can be scary, exciting and lots of fun all at once – both for kids and teachers. It’s a process that starts slowly and builds upon itself over time, and with the right approach, can turn into a love of reading that lasts a lifetime.

When students are in kindergarten, it’s important to combine learning with fun so they will be engaged and not overwhelmed as they grasp their new skills. Reading is no exception and in fact, provides a great opportunity to do just that. Here we’ll explore some of the best reading ideas and tips for kindergarten.

4 Best Reading Ideas and Tips for Kindergarten

You are only limited by your time and creativity, so let your imagination run wild as you determine what would work in your classroom and for your little learners. To get you started, here are four of the best reading ideas and tips for kindergarten:

1. Bring the stories to life
One of the most unforgettable reading ideas for kids is to bring the stories you’re reading with them to life. Think about ways you can incorporate costumes that suit the book or reading to your students in silly voices for each character. Make it a true performance by enacting the story, or enlisting the kids to play key parts. You can even bring a story to life through allowing them to get a “taste” of the story, a la green eggs and ham!

2. Guest readers
Kindergartners love it when there are special guests in the classroom, and it’s extra fun when their family members come visit them at school. Make it a surprise for your students and try to have a different rotating guest reader each Friday so everyone has a chance to have their special person come read to the class. Guest readers can even choose to carry out a theme tied to their book, with snacks, props such as puppets or toys, costumes or music.

3. Carve out a reading nook
There’s nothing more inviting than curling up with a good book, a cozy blanket and a soft pillow. It will be well worth it to carve out a small, quiet spot in the classroom that is meant just for reading. Even kindergartners will appreciate the chance to curl up on a bean bag or a soft place to escape in their favorite book and get lost in their imagination.

4. Kids’ choice rules!
When children get to choose, it gives them a chance to feel good about themselves and have some say in what happens next – especially at such a young age when parents and teachers usually maintain control of their day. Gather a selection of books that fit within your lesson planning or that explore areas you know your students are interested in, and let each student have a chance to pick the book that you cover next. Young readers can even help the teacher read to the class when a word comes up that they have mastered.

Explore Reading Ideas and Tips for Kindergarten

A love of reading starts early, so with a fun and rewarding approach, your kindergarten students will be well on their way. Check out Raymond Geddes for some great rewards and incentives to incorporate along with the best reading ideas and tips for kindergarten. Contact us today to learn more, or request a complimentary school supply catalogs.