Four years ago, Kelly Gentry and Sarah Bosworth decided to transform an unused part of Riverside Leadership Magnet Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas into an outdoor classroom. They had a vision for a sophisticated area where students could learn about nature while being in nature.
Their PTO and their school district could not provide any funds to help with their vision so they needed to fund the outdoor classroom on their own.
That’s when they started their school store, Lion’s Den. Not only were they able to use the school store to raise funds to complete construction of the outdoor classroom, but they were also able to later help fund many more education initiatives.
How a school store funded the construction of an outdoor classroom.
Fundraising for Education
Without any outside funding from the PTO or the school district, profits from their school store have funded an outdoor classroom facility that includes a massive stage for performances, seating for four classes, state of the art composite picnic tables, a wireless weather station, a raised bed sensory garden and numerous perennial plantings.
When Lion’s Den is not fundraising for their outdoor education initiatives, they are busy “filling in the blanks” for items that are not provided for their teachers by the district or PTO. These items include iPads and other teaching aids that make the jobs and lives of teachers easier and enrich the classroom experience.
All of the hard work by Sarah and Kelly and the profits the school store generates has opened up new opportunities for the school and its students. The botanical garden they built has led to the school receiving a grant from the Kansas Parks and Wildlife Department to teach kids about wildlife habitats and eco-systems.
Furthering education with school store fundraising
Enhancing the Student Experience
Lion’s Den provides so much more than a fundraising opportunity. It provides an interactive learning environment for kids.
One of the key tenants of their store is that every child must be able to shop there. By pricing most items at only $0.25, they help kids develop a sense of ownership in the funding and building of projects. It also helps reinforce math skills taught in the classroom through counting and handling money.
Kids also take an active role in the direction of the school store by suggesting items to carry and by identifying projects they want to see happen. Kelly and Sarah will use the school store to fundraise and make these projects a reality for the kids.
How Geddes Helps School Stores Succeed
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School stores help raise money for schools
Final Words
Lion’s Den has literally made dreams come true for Riverside Leadership Magnet Elementary School. Their school store has grown from a fundraising venture into an essential part of the student, parent and teacher experience that does everything from selling school supplies all the way up to arranging birthday parties thrown during the school day.

“There is no doubt that we would not have the outdoor facility that we have now without our store. We are constantly being faced with cutbacks on a local and state level and Sarah and I just won't settle for that. Opening a school store provided funding for new and much-needed educational opportunities.”

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