Anytime Fundraising Program

Many of you may be familiar with our products through the school store at your school or items your child may have purchased at school. Geddes has been providing quality, fun and innovative school supplies since 1924. We are proud to offer the fundraising benefits of a school store, in the form of a convenient, no-hassle at home fundraiser. This program gets parents involved by offering our school supplies and kits directly to parents. Our fundraiser highlights a select group of products that are proven student and teacher favorites.

Why You Should Participate:

  • High Profits - Our school fundraisers experience 50% profit on average, without having to stock inventory.
  • Appeal - Top selling product that kids actually want (and need!)
  • It's Easy - We have simplified the fundraising process and have online tools to help you succeed.
  • Support - We are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Flexibility - Plan your school fundraiser to fit your schedule.
  • Safe & Convenient - No door to door selling or selling to family members necessary.
  • Low Cost - With many items under $5 all students can participate.
  • 100% Product Guarantee - Geddes stands behind every product, just as we have for more than 90 years.

5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Sign up below to enroll in the Anytime Fundraiser program. Geddes will send you a welcome packet and all of the materials needed to start your school fundraiser.

STEP 2: The school fundraiser flyers and ordering information are sent home to parents. You can pick the start date and end date of your school fundraiser. You can customize the dates to fit your school calendar and coordinate with other fundraisers.

STEP 3: Parents place an order and return payment to the school. There is no need for parents and students to go door to door or solicit outside the home. The products are designed for the students and families receiving the flyer.

STEP 4: The school places a bulk order with Geddes and will distribute the products to students. There is no need for a specialized parent pick up day or having to keep the school open after hours. Products can go home with the students.

STEP 5: Schools have 30 days to pay from the time the bulk order is shipped.


How Much Money Can You Raise?

Below is an example of a school order and potential profit from the fundraiser. The Anytime Fundraiser does not have minimum order quantities or a minimum participation rate and includes free shipping on orders of $150 of more. Your profit does not decrease with lack of participation. Our program is simple and straightforward, the more you sell the more you earn.

Scenario 1= 50 students participate, choosing an average of 5 items each. The school makes $360 (most schools can hit this threshold, very little participation)

Scenario 2= 150 students participate, choosing an average of 10 items each. The school makes $2,160 (moderate participation)

Scenario 3= 500 students participate, choosing an average of 12 items each. The school makes $8,640 ( high level of participation)

Scenarios based on averages. Actual results may vary.

What Will I be Selling? Check Out Our Demo Website

Click below to see our fully functioning Anytime Fundraiser website and all of the products available for your school fundraiser. Sign up for our fundraiser today and you'll get your own fundraising website customized with your school's information and graphics.

To get more details and all of the forms you need to get started, please click the button below and fill out the form.

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