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Sometimes getting students out of the classroom for an opportunity to learn in a real-world environment can be one of the biggest challenges. One of the most compelling reasons to start a store is the ability to bring that real-world environment right into the hallway of your school.

The school store can help schools introduce their students to valuable business skills, all in a fun, comprehensible, and active learning environment. Students, particularly young ones, learn best by applying what they've learned in the classroom to real-world problems, then reinforcing it through repetition. The school store is a perfect vehicle for just this type of instruction.

One of the best aspects of the school store is they are infinitely flexible. School Stores offer an environment where early-elementary students can practice basic math and money skills, while high school students can learn and apply concepts like advertising and marketing or supply-and-demand economics. A school store can be adapted as your students increase in experience or grade level, teaching age-appropriate skills all the way through to graduation.

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