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Looking for a simple, safe, and logical school fundraiser that will bring in money while helping kids learn? Look no further than school stores!

You can stock your store with the items kids need anyway pens, pencils, erasers, accessories for their lockers or back-packs and open for business. Kids will never have to come to class without a pencil again and you won't have to sort through another shipment of candles or wrapping paper sold door-to-door.

You CAN fund the things your school needs through running a school store. Just look at some of the things our customers have done with the profits from their store:

“Last year it contributed to purchase of new playground equipment.”
"The Library does not have funding so the money from school store helps replace books and fund the library."
“We’ve bought an electronic scrolling sign, a pencil machine, a popcorn machine, a nice bench with our school name on it, and other stuff for the school."

And Geddes is here to help! Our catalogs offers easy suggestions for retail pricing that will help you decide what you should charge for each item. If you go by our guide, you will be able to make at least a 30% profit on everything you sell.

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