Why You Should do Back to School Shopping Online

It’s the middle of August, and you know what that means. School is right around the corner. Parents everywhere are dragging reluctant kids out shopping and crossing needed items off the list one by one. Getting kids to school is never easy, but getting them to go back to school shopping is almost impossible. After months of freedom, the last thing any kid wants to do is make this yearly pilgrimage that signals the end of summer. Somewhere in a nondescript shopping center, the image of a vast office supply store troubles their sight. But backpacks fall apart, the straps cannot hold. So as your child slouches off towards the backpack aisle, consider another option. Here’s a few reasons why you should order school supplies online this year.

Tax Free

It’s tax free week here in Maryland, a time that parents traditionally utilize for back to school shopping. But did you know that school supplies are not tax exempt items? While clothing and footwear under $100 are tax free, pencils, pens, paper and backpacks are not exempt from the 6% Maryland state tax. However, any supplies you purchase online are tax free. School supplies can add up, and subtracting 6% can save you a tidy sum.

Buy in Bulk

Kids lose things. They lose pencils, paper, rulers, notebooks, pencil cases…the list goes on. Raymond Geddes lets you buy in bulk, which gets you a better value for your dollar, and saves you the trouble of repeated trips to the store after your child loses his protractor for the fifteenth time.

Avoid the Crowds

Navigating the back to school shopping crowds is about as fun as taking a test you didn’t study for with a dull-tipped pencil with no eraser. Add in the legions of kids dragging your feet and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t stay home and do your school shopping online.


So this year, avoid the crowds and the heat. Your kids and your wallet will thank you. No matter what supplies you select, you can bet that Geddes has you covered. We’re as excited about school starting as you are! It’s been more than 80 years of business and Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc., is still dedicated to providing inventive, affordable and safe writing supplies for school, home, or office. Geddes is a 3rd generation, family-owned school supply company proud to have served many millions of customers over the years.