School Starts This Week in Maryland

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Most public school districts across the state of Maryland (where Geddes first got its start many school years ago), are in now in session for the start to the 2013-2014 school year today, Monday, August 26th.

August school start times have become the norm in recent years, and many kids today have never experienced the post-Labor Day start that was once the traditional start to the school year. Some Maryland lawmakers are now looking to bring back the September start to the school year after state comptroller Peter Franchot began to lobby for the cause last year.

The Maryland General Assembly created a task force to study the feasibility of pushing back the start to the school year, as well as to determine if the 180 mandatory days of school could be held in between September and early June.

The argument for the later start time is that it allows Marylanders to take advantage of the traditional last week of summer and the long Labor Day weekend by using this time for vacations, which would be beneficial to the state’s economy. Opponents say the earlier start time gives students more time to prepare for standardized tests held toward the end of the year.

Franchot was quoted in The Sun as saying that Labor Day is “a common-sense capstone to our summer.” He also stated, “I almost think starting school before Labor Day is un-American.”

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