Why Every School Needs a School Supply Store!

Sharpening pencils, opening a new box of chalk, smoothing out a piece of loose leaf: so many actions in the school day revolve around the supplies students and teachers need to succeed in the classroom. That’s why school stores are considered an educational resource: they’re on-site supply centers whose benefits go beyond merely making sure students’ pencil cases are stocked. Here are just a few reasons why every school needs a school supply store:

Hands on Experience: With all hands on deck to help run a school store, students will pick up real world skills and expand what they learn in the classroom by applying their knowledge. Making change, calculating percentages, creating promotional materials, and checking inventory are all skills that they’ll practice and ace.

Location, Location, Location: Having a school store in a school – makes sense, doesn’t it? Located conveniently, supply stores in schools are a great way to ensure students have what they need to get gold stars on all their assignments. Need a new eraser for standardized testing day? No problem. Pen all out of ink? Not an issue. Need a last-minute gift for a friend? A novelty pencil will do. You get the idea: school stores can take care of practical needs and exciting “extras” alike.

Fun Fundraising: Don’t pressure kids to sell giftwrap that will go unused until the holidays, cookie dough that will sit in the freezer, and other non-essential items to raise money for the school. A school store is a way to garner built-in revenue while offering valuable products that are relevant to the day-to-day lives of students.

So, lesson learned: school stores are great resources that fuel education both in and outside of the classroom. Ready to hop on board? Raymond Geddes will get you started in launching a school store, provide you with the supplies you need to get going, and help you customize what you offer so that your products will appeal to the students at your school.

For more helpful tips on launching and managing a school store, please refer to the Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. “School Store: An Operating Manual” here!