Ravens School Supplies: Celebrate the Super Bowl in School

They may have been the 9.5 underdogs, but the Ravens snagged the AFC Championship from the Patriots anyway, and Baltimoreans are now suiting up in their best purple fan gear to get ready to cheer their team on at the Super Bowl.

Hardcore football fanatics who happen to be teachers by day might seize this opportunity to incorporate sports scenarios into their lesson plans: what is the probability that the Ravens will become the Super Bowl champions? If the distance between Maryland and New Orleans is 1,116 miles, how many days would it take someone who roots for the Ravens to travel by car to the Super Bowl, going at a constant rate of 60 mi/hr without stops? When was football established as a sport, and how has it evolved over time? The possibilities go on and on.

Here are a few interesting Super Bowl stats to fuel your football fantasies.

- Planning to party during the Super Bowl? Find yourself exhausted from the anticipation, the cheering, and the disappointment brought on by fumbles? You’re not the only one: last year, 3% of Americans planned to take a “sick day” on Super Bowl Monday, and 9% took advantage of their vacation days to take some time off.

- Whether or not you’re a football diehard, you probably don’t mind tuning in to the game to check out those famed television commercials. The average cost of a 30 second commercial in 2012 was $3.5 million.

- It’s not a football game without food. Pizza and beer top the charts for some of the most sold food and beverage products on Super Bowl weekend.

- Most people opt for front row Super Bowl tickets in front of their own TV – the face value of tickets this year ranged from $850-$1,250 – a hefty sum!