rows of pens and markers at a school store

A student store is a reliable way to make sure kids have access to items that they might frequently lose or accidentally leave at home. Shopping and browsing can be fun for students too as there may be some favorite character or novelty toys to expand their existing school supplies and express their personalities. It can also serve as a great fundraiser for classroom needs or schoolwide goals.

If you’re thinking about starting up a classroom or school store, you may be wondering what exactly you can sell at your store.

What to Sell at a Student Store

When you begin planning to launch your student store, you’ll want to take into consideration any patterns you’ve noticed with your students. For example, are kids regularly losing their erasers? What favorite characters  are they interested in? Is spirit wear and gear popular at your school?

Putting some advanced planning into place will help your student store not only be a success, but it will also help ensure that it provides your students with options that are both fun and functional. Here are some ideas to get you started as you launch your student store:

  1. Essential items
    Pens, pencils, erasers, folders, notebooks and the like are always in need, so having these essential classroom school supplies fully stocked can be a great place to start.

  2. Fidgets
    Kids can have a tough time sitting still or staying focused for long periods, so fidget toys such as spinners, poppers, squishies and putty come in handy to help keep them engaged and on-track.

  3. Spirit wear and spirit gear
    Sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles, gear bags and other items branded with your school name and logo can be a big hit and a great way for students to share their school spirit.

  4. Snacks and beverages
    Chips, cookies, granola bars, nuts, candy, bottled water, juice and other refreshments are sure to be a popular choice for students and can help them stay energized or fill in if they forgot their lunch.

  5. Wearables
    Kids love to express their personalities and a fun way to do that is with wearables. Items such as bracelets, keychains, sunglasses and wristbands are great options to offer at your school store so kids can show their style.

  6. Tech gadgets
    Ear buds may be among the items most frequently lost or misplaced these days, and for kids who find themselves missing theirs, having access to a replacement set at the student store will be a welcome lifesaver.

  7. Character-themed items
    Merchandise featuring kids’ favorite characters is sure to be a big seller. For example, items with Dr. Seuss, NFL teams and Pete The Cat™ promise to deliver more than just your ordinary pencil, bookmark or notepad.

  8. Seasonal items
    The holidays are a special time and kids can get in the spirit with special supplies themed for each season, from winter to spring and fall.

Shop Student Store Supplies

The options for what to sell at a student store can be limitless, but GEDDES has you covered. Browse our vast array of items that are perfectly suited to help your classroom store on its way to success. Shop online at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are also available to request.