carrot muffins sign on a school bake sale table

Going on an adventure like a school trip can be one of the most exciting, memorable experiences for a student. But travel often comes with a high price tag, so how can parents, teachers and administrators help avoid this potential barrier to entry?

The answer is, thankfully, there are many ways to help defray the costs! And with plenty of advanced planning, creativity and participation, your fundraising efforts can make all the difference in helping pay the way for students to embark on an amazing school trip.

Creative Ways to Fundraise for a School Trip

When spread out over time and a variety of methods, your fundraising goals can be far more attainable – and enjoyable for all! For instance, if you know your school trip happens during students’ eighth grade year, consider beginning fundraising efforts in their fifth or sixth grade year. One or two events or activities can be held each year leading up to that so the time and expense can be managed over a longer period.

While the ideas for effective approaches to raise money for your school trip are limitless, here are several to get your planning underway:

  1. Set up a class or school store
    A class or school store can be an excellent way to earn money for a school trip, and it can serve several other purposes at once. The store can be stocked with essential items that students may regularly forget or lose, such as pens, pencils and erasers, so it can come in very handy. Students can also learn how to manage the store, providing them with valuable lessons in math, sales, customer service, responsibility and more.

  2. Host a bake sale
    This is always a popular option when it comes time to raise money. It’s an easy approach for most to get involved with, whether items are homemade or store bought, and students can participate by making treats themselves, individually packaging and marking items for sale, and helping to market and manage the bake sale itself as well. There never seems to be a shortage of customers either when baked goods are on the menu!

  3. Plan a raffle or silent auction
    Raffles can be a hit if you are able to secure a highly coveted prize or if you opt to go for a 50/50 cash raffle where the winner splits half the cash raised from ticket sales. Another popular version of this fundraising approach is to organize a silent auction of items that are donated for the cause, such as gift baskets, local restaurant certificates or service vouchers. This can be especially effective when planned to coordinate with another school function, such as a play or concert where event-goers can peruse the items up for auction before or during the event and then winners are announced as the event concludes.

  4. Sell food and gift catalog items
    A tried-and-true standby, there are countless options for food and gift sales. Some of the more popular choices include partnering with fundraising companies or businesses to sell pizza kits, cookies, nuts and candy, as well as gift catalog items such as wrapping paper, greeting cards and home accessories. This approach provides customers a wide array of items for purchase, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

  5. Organize a gallery walk
    A gallery walk can be a wonderful way to let students shine with their creative abilities. Students can draw, paint or craft pieces of artwork that can be displayed and placed up for auction. Attendees can then bid on the masterpieces created by their student and take them home as a lasting treasure, while the funds raised from items sold can contribute to school trip expenses.

Shop Fundraising Supplies

School trips can be full of learning and adventure, but along with that comes expense. GEDDES has a variety of items that can be used to help contribute to your fundraising efforts and keep your students motivated along the way. Shop online at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are also available to request.