Top Ten Benefits of Running a School Supply Store

School rules – and so do school supplies. Especially new ones: novelty pencils with eye-catching images, highlighters with brightly colored ink, notebooks waiting to be filled with novel ideas. That’s why school supply stores are so essential in keeping students excited about their work in the classroom. Below, see our top ten benefits of running a school supply store.

Running a school store…

  • Is a simple way to fundraise for school events and needs.
  • Eliminates the need to launch fundraising initiatives that require students to sell items from door to door.
  • Allows students to practice their math skills in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ensures students and teachers have easy and convenient access to tools they need.
  • Teaches students about customer service and how to collaborate as a team.
  • Lets teachers and administrators dictate which supplies are most essential to their students by allowing them to hand-pick the items sold at their store.
  • Saves money for both the school and students by providing opportunity to purchase school supplies in bulk that can be resold at a reasonable but profitable cost.
  • Gives students their first taste of real world work experience.
  • Builds a sense of community involvement by encouraging students to get involved in school initiatives.
  • Becomes a valuable school program that is fun and practical all at once!

Now that we’ve schooled you on the benefits of a school store, contact Raymond Geddes to help you get started. We can walk you through the steps to get you going, and provide you with the supplies you need for a successful store!