Top Classroom Supplies for Elementary School Teachers

It’s almost time to welcome kids back to the classroom after summer break. Are you ready? Even when students bring supplies, it’s inevitable that they’ll run out or get lost at some point during the school year, so most teachers make buying classroom supplies part of their back-to-school routine. Here are some of the top elementary school supplies you can buy online from Raymond Geddes.



All elementary school teachers need a stash of community pencils! To keep kids from thinking they’re their own or forgetting to return them, buy pencils with a fun design or add a pencil topper or grip so you’re able to easily identify them. Pencils are one of our most popular bulk school supplies.


Highlighters have a lot of uses in elementary school, and we have plenty of fun options at Geddes, from irresistible scents to bold patterns and designs. Don’t worry, though, we also have basic, bright yellow highlighters at an unbeatable price if that’s what you’re looking for.

Markers, Colored Pencils, and Crayons

After pencils, perhaps the most popular elementary school supplies are those used for coloring: crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Even with schools asking kids to purchase two packs of each at the beginning of the school year, it still seems that those markers quickly dry out and the crayons are worn down to little nubs. Geddes makes it easy—and affordable!—to keep your classroom well-stocked.


For older elementary school students, pens are another essential school supply. We’ve got basic black ballpoint pens, colorful gel pens, scented pens, sequin pens—we have all the pens! While you might not want to stock up on unicorn pens for your classroom supplies, our more fun options do make a great addition to a classroom treasure chest.


When kids are just learning to write, they make mistakes—and sometimes those mistakes are more than a tiny little pencil eraser can handle. Keep extra erasers on hand for when the erasers on top of pencils wear out. Our eraser selection can’t be beat and they’re much more fun than the boring pink rectangles that are a staple of school supply lists everywhere. (They’re another school supply that doubles as a treasure chest prize, too!)


While most school supplies have a limited lifespan, stock up on rulers and you’ll have a supply for years to come—well, aside from the few that will inevitably get lost to attrition every school year. Even if measuring isn’t part of your lesson plan this year, you can’t make a nice straight edge without a trusty ruler.


Whether it’s college rule or wide rule, all elementary classrooms need a stockpile of loose-leaf paper. The very fact that it’s loose and not bound in a notebook means that kids will go through their own supply quickly, so it’s always a good idea to keep a few spare packages on hand. You can get 24 packages of college rule or wide rule loose leaf from GEDDES for under $50.

Order Elementary School Supplies from GEDDES

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